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Your St. Patty’s Day Menu

By: Kristen Finstad   So last week I posted several St. Patrick's Day-themed meals and desserts and asked for help deciding which ones to make (even though I would have loved to make them all). I also asked for Andrew's input, since, well, he'd be the one stuck eating it! We decided on one meal… Continue reading Your St. Patty’s Day Menu

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Porter’s 1st Birthday Party

By: Amanda Magnus Well my last post was all about Porter's first year. I promised I would do a follow up on what we did for his first birthday party as well so here it is! Theme I am terrible when it comes to picking just one thing. There are just too many options and… Continue reading Porter’s 1st Birthday Party

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Party Food: Super Bowl Edition

By: Kristen Finstad   Ahh, the Monday after the Super Bowl. This should be a national holiday - am I right? Most everyone wants to enjoy the Super Bowl in some capacity -- whether it's for the game itself, the commercials, the social element of Super Bowl parties, or the food -- and it just… Continue reading Party Food: Super Bowl Edition