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Our Favorite Games to Play

By: Amanda Magnus Traditional or non-traditional card games - our family is up for either! We grew up playing some traditional card games with my grandparents and then every Easter we would play some non-traditional games with my Aunt Deb and Uncle John. Games are always fun and a great family activity! When it comes… Continue reading Our Favorite Games to Play

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Our Wedding Day – A Recap in Photos

By: Kristen Darkow   If you're not already sick of hearing about our wedding, then today I have for you a recap of the weekend with a bajillion photos! Some of them are taken by family and friends on their cell phones, but most of them were taken by our wonderful photographer, Wendy Jo Stocker… Continue reading Our Wedding Day – A Recap in Photos

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Our First Time Strawberry Picking

By: Amanda Magnus This past week the kids and I had our first strawberry picking experience! We go through a lot of strawberries in our house, so of course going and picking our own was a great idea! I had never been strawberry picking before but had wanted to go for the past few years.… Continue reading Our First Time Strawberry Picking

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Patriotic Fourth of July Crafts

By: Amanda Magnus With the Fourth of July coming up much quicker than anticipated, now is a great time to start thinking of some crafts to decorate for the holiday. I love the Fourth of July because it's always so fun getting together with family and friends and getting to watch the fireworks. It's also… Continue reading Patriotic Fourth of July Crafts

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How to Make Money from Home

By: Amanda Magnus As you know, if you are a regular reader, I am a stay at home mom. And if you are also a stay at home mom you know that making the decision to go from a two income household down to one is not an easy one. It takes planning, budgeting and… Continue reading How to Make Money from Home

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Our Summer Plans

By: Amanda Magnus and Kristen Finstad Well we are finally having some warmer weather and that means summer is in full swing. Plans are underway for all of the fun things we will be doing this summer! Summer always seems to fill up so fast with things to do but it's always fun and great… Continue reading Our Summer Plans

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Gardening and What I’m Planting

By: Amanda Magnus Well it's springtime in Wisconsin even though it definitely hasn't seemed like it with the snow we recently had. With spring comes planting season if you are a gardener. I wouldn't consider myself a gardener but I do enjoy growing a few things each year. Although, my husband will be the first… Continue reading Gardening and What I’m Planting

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An Ice Cream Social Bridal Shower

By: Amanda Magnus This past weekend was a busy one! We celebrated Easter with family and also had a bridal shower for Kristen. I can't believe their wedding is only 6 weeks away! I love planning parties, it's just what makes me happy. I love the planning process, figuring out the fine details and seeing… Continue reading An Ice Cream Social Bridal Shower

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Easter Crafts for Kids

By: Amanda Magnus Well this week has been a weird one weather wise if you are in the Midwest. We had 60 degree weather and now we are getting snow! We did get to enjoy some time outside playing while the weather was nice but now we are stuck inside. So, what do we do?… Continue reading Easter Crafts for Kids