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How I Keep My Kids Busy for the Summer

By: Amanda Magnus Summer time is probably one of the busiest seasons for us and many people. If you live in the Midwest you want to take full advantage of the warm sunny weather for the short time we have it. Summer also means kids are out of school so that means extra time with… Continue reading How I Keep My Kids Busy for the Summer

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Must Try Summer Drinks

By: Amanda Magnus Now that the warmer weather is here there is more opportunity to grill out, have fires and just enjoy being outside. I don't know about you, but it's nice to enjoy an ice cold beverage on those warm days. I have a wide range of drinks that I enjoy, depending on what… Continue reading Must Try Summer Drinks

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20 Questions: Wedding Edition

By: Kristen Finstad   Well, it's my first blog post as a married woman! After 11 months of all things wedding planning, Andrew and I got married on Saturday and it was perfect. The weather was perfect, the ceremony was beautiful and the reception was a blast. It's hard to believe it's all over, but… Continue reading 20 Questions: Wedding Edition

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Our Summer Plans

By: Amanda Magnus and Kristen Finstad Well we are finally having some warmer weather and that means summer is in full swing. Plans are underway for all of the fun things we will be doing this summer! Summer always seems to fill up so fast with things to do but it's always fun and great… Continue reading Our Summer Plans

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Our Memorial Day Weekend

By: Kristen Finstad   Happy TUESDAY! Isn't it a great feeling starting the week and it's already Tuesday? I hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! Andrew and I sure did - it was busy and full of lots of fun stuff, but it was the perfect way to spend our last weekend together… Continue reading Our Memorial Day Weekend

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What T.V. Shows My Kids Watch and Why

By: Amanda Magnus When it comes to television, it's something I definitely try to limit when it comes to my kids. A great alternative I've found to having a show on is to just have music playing. But there are times when music isn't going to cut it and there are things I need to… Continue reading What T.V. Shows My Kids Watch and Why

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Grandma’s Cookie Recipes

By: Kristen Finstad   Grandmas are the best - am I right? They're just so sweet and warm and kind, and almost always amazing cooks or bakers. My grandma Bev was no exception. She passed in 2017, so I was lucky to have her around for 24 years of my life. I still miss her… Continue reading Grandma’s Cookie Recipes

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Final Reveal of the Living Room Makeover

By: Amanda Magnus Well this has been a long awaited post. At least it has been for me! You may remember I posted a sneak peak of our living room makeover awhile ago and promised to post again once it was complete. If you missed the first post you can check it out here. Well… Continue reading Final Reveal of the Living Room Makeover

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Spice up The Bachelorette with a fantasy league!

By: Kristen Finstad   As some of you may know, Amanda and I consistently watch The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, and Bachelor in Paradise. We know it's ridiculous, we know it's cheesy, we know it's laughable, but we can't look away. To become just a little more invested in the series, we, along with Brian and… Continue reading Spice up The Bachelorette with a fantasy league!