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Grandma’s Cookie Recipes

By: Kristen Finstad   Grandmas are the best - am I right? They're just so sweet and warm and kind, and almost always amazing cooks or bakers. My grandma Bev was no exception. She passed in 2017, so I was lucky to have her around for 24 years of my life. I still miss her… Continue reading Grandma’s Cookie Recipes

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What’s for Dinner: Lightened Up Hot Dish

By: Kristen Finstad   Everybody loves a good hot dish, right? I think Cheesy Chicken Broccoli Rice hot dish is a favorite in many households, but we all know how unhealthy a midwestern hot dish can be. One of my favorite ways to cook is figuring out how to eat my favorite comfort foods but… Continue reading What’s for Dinner: Lightened Up Hot Dish

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Pigs in a Blanket with a Twist

By: Amanda Magnus Do you ever experiment with food? Well I don't very often but from time to time I'll have a good idea. This time though it was my husband, Brian, that had the idea for the recipe I'm about to tell you about. We enjoy doing brunch with my parents on the weekend.… Continue reading Pigs in a Blanket with a Twist

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Your St. Patty’s Day Menu

By: Kristen Finstad   So last week I posted several St. Patrick's Day-themed meals and desserts and asked for help deciding which ones to make (even though I would have loved to make them all). I also asked for Andrew's input, since, well, he'd be the one stuck eating it! We decided on one meal… Continue reading Your St. Patty’s Day Menu

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St. Patrick’s Day Recipes – What’s Your Vote?

St. Patrick's Day is right around the corner, and ever since finding out I'm a little bit Irish via the Ancestry DNA kit, I take the opportunity to celebrate! Even if you're not Irish though, I think there's always a reason to dress up in green and celebrate St. Patty's Day! Today I'm going to… Continue reading St. Patrick’s Day Recipes – What’s Your Vote?

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Party Food: Super Bowl Edition

By: Kristen Finstad   Ahh, the Monday after the Super Bowl. This should be a national holiday - am I right? Most everyone wants to enjoy the Super Bowl in some capacity -- whether it's for the game itself, the commercials, the social element of Super Bowl parties, or the food -- and it just… Continue reading Party Food: Super Bowl Edition

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A Must Try Winter Soup

By: Amanda Magnus If you read Kristen's post earlier this week then you know we are talking about our favorite soup recipes! Soup really is a great comforting meal this time of year if you live in a place with colder weather. The best part about soup is there are so many different kinds and… Continue reading A Must Try Winter Soup

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Cozy Winter Soups: Chicken & Wild Rice Recipe

By: Kristen Finstad   Ahhh, January in the Midwest. The season of cozying up by the fire with a good book, camping out in the living room for movie marathons, and just overall avoiding the outdoors. Is there anything that goes better with all of these things than a warm bowl of soup? I think… Continue reading Cozy Winter Soups: Chicken & Wild Rice Recipe

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Cocktails For Any Occasion

By: Amanda Magnus Needless to say, these past few weeks have been a whirlwind of family get togethers and celebrations. There was plenty of delicious food and drinks enjoyed by everyone! New Year's was the most recent celebration and it did not disappoint. My husband, Brian, and I were lucky enough to have my mom… Continue reading Cocktails For Any Occasion