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Our Easter Traditions

Can you believe it's the week of Easter already? Even with a late Easter this year, it feels like spring has flown by. This week, we're dedicating the blog to Easter traditions and Easter recipes.   Kristen's Easter Traditions Many things change over the years, but one thing that seems to stay pretty consistent for… Continue reading Our Easter Traditions

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Easter Crafts for Kids

By: Amanda Magnus Well this week has been a weird one weather wise if you are in the Midwest. We had 60 degree weather and now we are getting snow! We did get to enjoy some time outside playing while the weather was nice but now we are stuck inside. So, what do we do?… Continue reading Easter Crafts for Kids

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Our Top Movie Picks for 2019

By: Amanda Magnus Who doesn't love a good movie?! I've always enjoyed going to movies. Once I met my husband I started going to a lot more movies than I had in the past. His family are big movie goers and I have to say I enjoy it! When we go to the movies we… Continue reading Our Top Movie Picks for 2019

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Country Concert Recaps

By: Kristen Finstad   2019 has been the year of country concerts for me! In January, a friend and I went to a concert featuring five up-and-coming country artists here in Madison, and it was so fun to get to know some newer artists and now to start hearing their songs on the radio!  … Continue reading Country Concert Recaps

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My Azazie Experience and Why I Loved It!

By: Amanda Magnus With wedding season just around the corner that means Andrew and Kristen's wedding is going to be here before we know it! I'm so excited for both of them. There's nothing better than knowing your brother has found someone amazing to spend the rest of his life with! And, I gain another… Continue reading My Azazie Experience and Why I Loved It!

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What’s for Dinner: Lightened Up Hot Dish

By: Kristen Finstad   Everybody loves a good hot dish, right? I think Cheesy Chicken Broccoli Rice hot dish is a favorite in many households, but we all know how unhealthy a midwestern hot dish can be. One of my favorite ways to cook is figuring out how to eat my favorite comfort foods but… Continue reading What’s for Dinner: Lightened Up Hot Dish

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Pigs in a Blanket with a Twist

By: Amanda Magnus Do you ever experiment with food? Well I don't very often but from time to time I'll have a good idea. This time though it was my husband, Brian, that had the idea for the recipe I'm about to tell you about. We enjoy doing brunch with my parents on the weekend.… Continue reading Pigs in a Blanket with a Twist

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Netflix Recommendations

By: Kristen Finstad   Friends - spring is finally in sight. Here in Wisconsin, we're looking at 40s, 50s and 60s over the next couple of weeks, and I couldn't be more thrilled. We all survived a couple of rough months full of snow storms, ice storms, and polar vortex temperatures, and, I've gotta say,… Continue reading Netflix Recommendations