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7 Layer Thanksgiving Hot Dish

By: Kristen Darkow   Happy November! Can you believe how time is flying? Just 23 more days until Thanksgiving! And whether you're hosting Thanksgiving this year, bringing a dish to pass at someone else's home, or just want a creative way to use up your leftovers, we've got you covered today! Here in the Midwest,… Continue reading 7 Layer Thanksgiving Hot Dish

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My Workout Routine

By: Kristen Darkow   Writing my post about the Apple Watch last week inspired me to also share my workout routine. Since the Apple Watch does such a great job of tracking workouts, it seemed fitting to share what I've been doing to stay active! This varies from month-to-month, because I sometimes get bored of… Continue reading My Workout Routine

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My Favorite Beauty and Skincare Products

By: Amanda Magnus When it comes to make-up and skincare there are so many different brands and products out there. My preference in the products I use has definitely changed over the years. I've started paying a lot more attention to what I'm putting on my skin since our skin absorbs everything! So I have… Continue reading My Favorite Beauty and Skincare Products

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My Apple Watch Review

By: Kristen Darkow Ahhh, the Apple Watch. When it came out several years ago, I didn't see any reason for it. We all have a cell phone - why would we need a tinier version of our cell phone on our wrists? But, over the last year or so, I've become more curious and interested… Continue reading My Apple Watch Review

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How to Plan a Bachelorette Party

By: Amanda Magnus If you haven't figured it out by now, party planning is something I love to do! I just love the whole process from picking a theme, organizing everything and figuring out all of the little details. Some may find that tedious and not fun at all but it is anything but that… Continue reading How to Plan a Bachelorette Party

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My FabFitFun Box Experience

By: Kristen Darkow   If you're anything like me, you've seen all the celebs advertising the FabFitFun Box for years, but haven't been able to validate spending that kind of money on yourself - especially when you don't know exactly what you're going to get for that money. But this fall, I finally caved and… Continue reading My FabFitFun Box Experience

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My New Favorite Meal Idea

By: Amanda Magnus I posted not long ago about struggling with meal planning and coming up with new ideas. I recently started seeing charcuterie boards popping up on my social media feeds, and let me tell you, they look delicious! If you're not familiar with what a charcuterie board is, it's just a mixture of… Continue reading My New Favorite Meal Idea

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Our Newest Addition

By: Amanda Magnus Well, we finally made it happen! You're probably wondering what I'm talking about! You know when you've been wanting something for awhile but it's not really in the plans. Then it's in the plans and you talk about it happening for even longer. But then the day comes and you finally get… Continue reading Our Newest Addition