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Andrew Does My Makeup

By: Kristen Darkow   These are some crazy times we're living in, huh? In support of social distancing, most of us have been remaining at home a majority of the time. Andrew is still going into work, but I'm working from home and really the only time we leave is to take Storm for a… Continue reading Andrew Does My Makeup

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What I’ve Been Priming 2nd Edition

By: Amanda Magnus Well as I'm sure most of you have noticed our daily routines look a bit different these days. Depending on what state you live in things may be a bit more normal than others. Here in Wisconsin we are pretty much supposed to stay home unless we have an essential job to… Continue reading What I’ve Been Priming 2nd Edition

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What I’ve Been Loving Lately

By: Amanda Magnus It should be no surprise to everyone that the world right now is not quite the same as it was a month ago. There's a lot going on and a lot changing right now. But with all of the change it's a chance to slow down and really take things in. Life… Continue reading What I’ve Been Loving Lately

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Vote: Where’s Our Next Vacation?

By: Kristen Darkow How crazy is the world right now? I hope everyone is able to stay home and that we can clear all of this up as soon as possible! So, obviously, we won't be taking a vacation anytime soon. However, Andrew and I love to travel together and want to do as much… Continue reading Vote: Where’s Our Next Vacation?

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What I’ve Been Priming

By: Kristen Darkow What was the world like before Amazon Prime? We used to have to leave our houses to buy things, or order them online and then wait weeks and weeks for them to show up. Overall, I'm not a huge Amazon shopper. I tend to forget to check Amazon first for things I… Continue reading What I’ve Been Priming

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Caribbean Cruise Recap

By: Amanda Magnus As most of our readers already know our long awaited family cruise is officially over and Kristen and I both enjoyed every bit of it! The rest of our family also had fun and I think most of them would be willing to go on a cruise again! Kristen did a post… Continue reading Caribbean Cruise Recap

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Must-Have Phone Apps

By: Kristen Darkow My phone is full of apps. To the point of having to delete some periodically because my phone is out of room. Also, my apps aren't very organized, so seeing these screenshots might give some of you hives. But the point of today's post is to share some of my very favorite… Continue reading Must-Have Phone Apps

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Porter’s 2nd Birthday Party

By: Amanda Magnus Well I am officially back to reality after our cruise and jumping back into our daily routine. While it's nice to go on vacation I have to say it is so nice being home. Back to our own space and own beds feel so good! Before we left on the cruise I… Continue reading Porter’s 2nd Birthday Party