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Living Room Makeover

By: Kristen Darkow   Andrew and I have been hard at work this spring on giving our home little makeovers here and there. If you missed them, here are the posts detailing our back yard makeover, our closet makeover, and our dresser makeover.  The living room was our next victim, and today I'm sharing all… Continue reading Living Room Makeover

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DIY: Dresser Makeover

By: Kristen Darkow   Last summer, Andrew and I redid our bedroom (you can read about that here) - we painted the walls a lighter color, added a new bedspread, pillows & curtains, installed a new ceiling fan, and got new nightstands. Our furniture and closet door is all a dark brown shade, except our… Continue reading DIY: Dresser Makeover

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Plants for the Backyard

By: Amanda Magnus I always love seeing what people do with their landscaping and how they make their yards look so nice. The flowers in different colors and the other leafy plants that provide greenery pull everything together. With our front yard I had Brian's aunt help me figure out what plants to put where.… Continue reading Plants for the Backyard

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Breakfast Freezer Meal

By: Amanda Magnus Last week I told you about one of my favorite freezer meals. This week I wanted to tell you about my new favorite breakfast freezer meal, breakfast burritos! These are so easy and you can customize them however you like. What you'll need: 8 Eggs 1/2 C half and half 1lb sausage… Continue reading Breakfast Freezer Meal

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My Go-To Freezer Meal

By: Amanda Magnus I love making freezer meals and having them on hand. They make choosing meals later on a breeze since they are already put together. I also find them great to be able to bring to a friend after they've had a baby. I'm going to tell you how to make my favorite… Continue reading My Go-To Freezer Meal

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Extreme Makeover: Yard Edition

By: Kristen Darkow   This past weekend, Andrew and I unintentionally made over our entire yard. We were making a trip to Menards for some more mulch to just surround our back yard tree, and ended up making a few impulse decisions that resulted in a beautiful back yard for us to enjoy all summer… Continue reading Extreme Makeover: Yard Edition

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Our New Backyard Addition

By: Amanda Magnus Well we've talked about it and looked into it for well over a year now. Brian and I finally decided it was time to get the kids a big kid swing set. They had two smaller pieces in the backyard that worked well to climb on and get out some energy but… Continue reading Our New Backyard Addition