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DIY Coffee Bar

By: Amanda Magnus

I have been dreaming of a coffee bar for quite some time. I’ve had our coffee machine on the counter which worked nice but I couldn’t ever have everything all in one spot without taking over our counter space. Then we moved it to on top of a small cabinet that worked to hold a bit more stuff but our coffee and cups were still elsewhere in the kitchen. Then one day while on Pinterest I came across this beautiful picture of a coffee bar made out of a hutch and the rest is history! I was sold and had to make plans to convert our current hutch into a coffee bar.

You may remember that I re-finished this hutch once to provide some more storage in our kitchen. You can check out that blog post here.

Before and after of the original update.

After this was completed I was in love! It definitely served its purpose and gave us some more storage. But with changing it into a coffee bar its not only serving as storage space with the drawers but also as a more functional piece as our coffee bar! So the first thing we had to do was get the shelving pulled out. This proved to be a bit more work than anticipated because of the way it was put together but Brian was able to figure it out and save the hutch! I forgot to take a picture of it all torn apart. 🙁

Next I went out and sanded everything down so that I could apply this wood looking contact paper that I found off Amazon. I started with the backing and then did the sides. This was a bit tricky because I had to try and line everything up in pieces but while it isn’t perfect it worked out good enough for me!

The back after it was taken off of the hutch in order to get the shelves out.
Contact paper completed on the back.
Next I started covering the sides of the hutch.
Sides and back done. Just need to re-attach the back.

Once the top of the hutch was put back together it was time to add in the lights. Brian found the lights at Menards. If I could find them on their website I’d link them! But he drilled through the top to drop the lights through and secured the cords to the back with a clip that was already on the light wire.

Once the lights were in all that was left to do was to make a shelf and then fill it up! Brian made the shelf out of one of the shelves he pulled out of the hutch. We just used wood glue and some right angle brackets to secure it. Then we added in our Keurig K-Cafe from Bed Bath & Beyond, some Torani flavored syrups and syrup pumps from Amazon.

The final step was to add something for decor on the back between the lights just to bring everything together. I found this frame on Amazon. Then I needed a coffee sign. But not just any coffee sign was going to do. Because I had to hang the frame vertical instead of horizontal like I had originally planned I needed something that was not as long and a bit taller. So I called in the help of my friend and business owner Bethany with Hive Home Studio. She makes some amazing wood decor and is very creative so I knew she could come up with something! Well she exceeded my expectations and came up with this double layered design!

Once I got the sign I got to work painting it. I used the same colors I used on the hutch so it would pull everything together. Once I had it painted and glued together I attached it to the frame and hung it up with some command strips!

I was so excited with how this turned out! It is my happy place in the mornings for sure. Have you repurposed a piece of furniture into something different? Let us know, we love hearing about other DIY projects!


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