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FabFitFun – Summer Box

By: Kristen Darkow


I recently received my FabFitFun Summer box, and that rounds out the year for me! My first box was last fall, and then I also received one during the winter and the spring, and now it’s finally time for summer! I have not been disappointed by any of the 4 boxes I’ve received. I still think it’s so much fun to treat yourself once per season to things that you’d never normally buy for yourself! Today I’m sharing all of the goodies that were in my Summer box!

It always shows up looking so colorful!

Above is the magazine that comes with it, and below is all the goodies inside!

First up: a pair of Toms sunglasses! These are a style that I wouldn’t normally choose for myself, but I’ve kind of been loving them for my car rides! Worth: $58

Storm is the best sunglasses model.

And here’s me modeling them! They’re very large…like I said, it’s not a pair I’d normally choose. But it doesn’t hurt to mix things up a bit and do something different. 🙂

Next up is my very favorite item. A Michael Kors passport wallet! I’ve never owned Michael Kors anything (I told you this subscription gives you things you normally could never validate buying!). I love traveling and my passport is a serious memento for me, so I’m thrilled to have a cute, protective cover for it! Worth: $78

It also has all these compartments inside, so it can be your sole wallet while traveling – it fits your driver’s license, debit/credit cards, cash, boarding pass, etc!

This Beach Mist couldn’t have come at a better time. Last weekend, I got pretty sunburned at a friend’s cabin and used this on my forehead the following week. This past weekend, Andrew got some sunburned shoulders and knees while outside fishing, and this spray was cooling and soothing for those burns as well! Worth: $42

I got a new “egg”! Remember when Andrew did my makeup? He called this thing the egg. I’d been using the same one for probably far too long, so this new one was perfect. Plus, it has a little silicone area on it, which spreads the makeup really smoothly! Worth: $20

Next up is this Riddle Oil roll-on perfume. It claims to provide a unique scent for every different person that uses it. I really like the scent and am excited to keep this handy in my purse! Worth: $50

I recently started a new skincare routine (stay tuned next week for a little more about that!), but I didn’t purchase a toner. Luckily, my FabFitFun box came with this Terre Mere Aloe & Tea Toner. I’ve been loving it so far – it makes my face feel so clean and refreshed every morning and night. Worth: $54

This citrus-cented foot cream is perfect for summer! I end up going barefoot a lot or wearing flip flops, so I’m not taking the best care of my feet. A good lotion is always welcome. 🙂 Worth: $24

And finally, I got this cute wireless charging pad! I think I’ll bring it to work, though, instead of using it by the bed. It hasn’t been able to charge my phone through its case, and it also seems to require that your phone be upright, and normally I put my phone face-down at night so it’s not lighting up the room when I get a notification. So maybe not the best charger to use overnight, but it’s cute nonetheless! Worth: $35

The pages below detail all the items that subscribers could have gotten, as well as the retail value of those items. My box was worth $361! I always love seeing that number and knowing I got all this for $50.

Here’s everything this box came with! Which item interests you the most? Comment below!

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