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Living Room Makeover

By: Kristen Darkow


Andrew and I have been hard at work this spring on giving our home little makeovers here and there. If you missed them, here are the posts detailing our back yard makeover, our closet makeover, and our dresser makeover.  The living room was our next victim, and today I’m sharing all the details!

First, Andrew and I have been wanting some new furniture. The existing furniture was a super comfy (but bulky) brown loveseat and couch that Andrew scored a good deal on when he first moved into the house. While we didn’t mind how they looked (plus, like I said, they were super comfy), they were bulky and took up quite a bit of room in our not-so-big house. We wanted a couch that didn’t feel as bulky, but didn’t take away from the amount of seating we had to offer. We checked out Bob’s Discount Furniture here in Madison, and found this unique blue/green sectional that has a pull-out sleeper area and some built in storage. We thought this was really practical because it offers another place for guests to sleep, and gives us some extra storage in a house that doesn’t have a ton! We ended up just starting with 2 of the 4 pieces of the sectional, because we wanted to ease in and see if the whole thing would be necessary. Right now, I think we’re content with just the 2 pieces, but we also ordered an accent chair to go along the other wall to add more seating to the room.

Once we ordered this unique color for our couch, we decided we’d need to paint the walls. The living room wall color was sort of a yellowy beige, and just wouldn’t look great with the blue/green couch we got. We happened to have quite a bit of leftover paint from when we painted our bedroom, and thought it would be the perfect shade to brighten up our living room too! A few days after painting, the couch was delivered and we decided to add some navy and white pillows, a new wall hanging, and some new curtains! We felt that the navy and white accents would help add some contrast to the room, and I really love the way it turned out! Doesn’t the room look so much bigger and brighter now?

Here it is with the sleeper pulled out! It ends up just being one big cloud of a couch. 🙂

In this next photo, we were testing out accent chair colors. We got some fabric samples from a local furniture store and set them in the area that the chair will go. We ended up choosing this white fabric! The chair won’t be here for another few weeks, though, so maybe we’ll have to do another update when the room is fully complete. 🙂

We also purchased this TV stand from Wayfair, and decorated this old dresser in the entryway!

And finally, we replaced the lamp in the living room – this new white one really helps brighten the room I think!

It’s a whole new room, and we’re really enjoying it! 🙂

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