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Extreme Makeover: Yard Edition

By: Kristen Darkow


This past weekend, Andrew and I unintentionally made over our entire yard. We were making a trip to Menards for some more mulch to just surround our back yard tree, and ended up making a few impulse decisions that resulted in a beautiful back yard for us to enjoy all summer long! Today I’m sharing all the photos with you.

So as I mentioned, our main mission was to add mulch around this big back yard tree. We forgot to take before and during photos, but luckily our Nest backyard camera captured those!


Here’s what that tree looked like before.

Here’s what it looked like “during”. Andrew realized we need a couple more bags of mulch, so this was after he put down the edging but before the mulch went down.

And here’s the “after”! I think it makes the yard look so much better! While we were at Menards, we also decided to get some new plants for the window boxes. I think the ones I chose weren’t exactly sun-friendly, and that side of the house gets a lot of sun so the flowers weren’t doing so hot. I planted red & white geraniums and ivy instead! I think it looks so much better now. 🙂

So those were the main projects we planned on tackling this past weekend, but we ended up grabbing a few other things while at Menards…

We added a Scandinavian nest box to the tree, and also stuck a bird feeder and hanging basket into the mulched area! I think this part looks so nice. 🙂

Storm agrees.

I had also picked up some Poblano pepper plants (again, impulse decision), so I dug up a corner of the back yard to make into a little garden. When I was replacing the window box plants, there were a few that I thought might have some hope, so I transplanted them to this back yard garden and hope that they’ll do better with a little shade back there and lots more moisture than in a window box.

There are my six little poblano pepper plants! I hope we have some luck with these!

We’ve also been talking about getting a small fire pit to enjoy this summer, and we found this cute one at Menards and grabbed some pavers to put underneath it.

Here’s what our yard looks like now from the kitchen window. 🙂

We also picked up some string lights for the deck. Since this weekend, we picked up a couple more strings to cover the whole area!

It was a beautiful day, so we ended our day of hard work by lighting the tiki torches and having our first backyard bon fire. See Storm sleeping there on the deck? I think he likes his new back yard. 🙂

I’m really happy with how it all turned out, and I’m so excited to spend some time out here this summer! Everyone is welcome to come visit. 😉

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