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Our New Backyard Addition

By: Amanda Magnus

Well we’ve talked about it and looked into it for well over a year now. Brian and I finally decided it was time to get the kids a big kid swing set. They had two smaller pieces in the backyard that worked well to climb on and get out some energy but it wouldn’t be much longer before they outgrew it. So we transformed our backyard in about a weeks time.

The kids old swing sets.

The first thing we did was picked out the swing set we wanted. We decided to go with one from Sam’s Club (our exact one isn’t online anymore I don’t think). They have a lot of different sizes and options. Next Brian researched how he wanted to have the play space set up. This ended up being quite an undertaking because he didn’t just decide to throw it in the backyard. He wanted a true play area for the kids that would also be safe if they happened to have an accident or fall.

The backyard with the old swing sets gone.

He picked out these wood beams to make a border and then used pieces of metal rebar and some screws to hold everything in place. He laid down fabric to prevent grass from growing up and then got mulch so that we could fill it all up to provide a safe place to land if someone happened to fall. (More on that later!)

Landscape beams that we used.

Once the swing set was delivered Brian got started putting it together. I was able to help a bit and my dad helped finish off the big tube slide because there was no way that was getting done with only two people!

Got the swing frame built.
Laying out all of the pieces.
It’s coming together.

Once the swing set was all assembled and in place it was time to finish filling in all of the mulch. I think my favorite part about this set is it came with all of the fun kitchen accessories and toys and having two slides is a definite bonus! The kids absolutely love it!

Grill and condiments.
Sink, stove and blender with plates and hot dog and buns.
Back side of the swing set.

Now back to the point about putting mulch down in case someone falls. Well Porter, our two year old, was climbing the ladder. He was about halfway up when I see him fall off. Brian is near him talking to our neighbor over the fence and I was just coming back outside. I yell to him that Porter just fell. Without skipping a beat he looks at Porter and then says “Well that’s why we put the mulch there!” He did check on Porter too and he was just fine and started right back up the ladder again! So I’m a supporter of putting mulch around your swing sets!

What are your must haves on a swing set for kids?

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