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DIY Window Box Planters

By: Kristen Darkow


I don’t know about all of you, but having window box planters has always been a little dream of mine – I think they’re so cute and really spruce up a house’s curb appeal! I’ve especially loved the look of the DIY cedar window boxes, and although you can purchase them at hardware stores or on Etsy or Wayfair, I always thought making them would be easy enough and probably cheaper. Andrew and I were going to attempt making them last spring, but then that weekend ended up being cold and snowy and we just never got around to it again! So I was determined this spring to make it happen. Keep reading to see how we made them, attached them to the house, and which flowers we planted in them!

First, we took a trip to Menards to pick up the wood we needed, and pick out our plants! Side note, this was the busiest I’ve ever seen Menards. Pandemic or not, it was crazy.

We got our boards cut to the right size, and Andrew was ready to get to work (isn’t he the best for building my window boxes?!).

First, he laid the boards together to make sure everything fit right.

Then, he applied wood glue and secured it with screws in the corners.

Meanwhile, Storm and I were just hanging out in the driveway. 🙂

He applied wood glue and screwed in the last side of the window box, and then I was able to get to work with staining the first window box while he built the second one!

I had picked out a natural finish just to enhance the color of the cedar. I like its natural color and didn’t want to change it too much!

Then, the second box was built! Here’s a comparison of the first box after it was stained, and the second one next to it before it was stained. See? Not too drastic of a color – just enhances the natural wood!

Once they were both stained, I applied this top coat to weather-proof the wood a little more.

Then, it was time to hang the boxes. This is the only photo I got of the process, because we had a heck of a time getting these into studs. We have an older home, and our studfinder was telling us there’d be a stud consistently in a certain spot, and then we’d drill and it wasn’t going into a stud. So this process involved many trips on Andrew’s part to True Value to find different screws, some anchors, etc. Props to him for putting so much work into hanging these window boxes, even though it ended up being a much more difficult and complicated process than we anticipated!

Finally, it was time to plant some flowers in these babies! I got pink Impatiens, yellow Marigolds, and some Creeping Jenny as an accent. We hung these window boxes on the side of the house, which tends to be pretty sunny, so I planted the Impatiens toward the back of the planters to be shaded a bit by the other two, which handle the sun better. I can’t wait for the flowers to get nice and full and overflow these boxes (hopefully, if I can take care of them well enough!). Here are some more photos of the finished look, plus the flowers we planted in the front of the house!

They ended up being a lot more work than we anticipated, but I’m so glad we finally got them up! I think they add a lot to the side of the house, and can’t wait to see how they look later in the summer. 🙂 Have you ever built/hung window boxes? Share your experience in the comments below!


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