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Easy DIY Shelf

By: Amanda Magnus

It’s been awhile since I’ve really been able to work on a fun DIY craft project I feel like. It seems I go in spurts of getting a few done and then I take a break until I get the next round of motivation to do some more. For awhile now I have been wanting to redecorate our bedroom. So I’ve slowly been changing out small things here and there. One thing we have never really had was nightstands. We each just had a end table and another smaller table my uncle had made but neither matched together in our room. So I saw a picture of these cute DIY shelves and decided to go for it!

What you’ll need:

2 unfinished crates

spray paint

wood glue

5/8″ screws

twine (optional)

glue gun (if doing twine)

The first thing I did was found the crates I wanted to use. You’ll want to determine the size of the shelves you want to figure out what size crates to get. I found these at Target. You only need two of them unless you want to make more than one set. I made two sets so I got 4.

I forgot to grab a picture before I started painting so this is after they were attached and had a coat of paint.

Once you have the crates you can glue them together with some wood glue and then secure them even more with two screws. 5/8″ was the perfect length for the crates I used. Depending on what crates you find I would double check how long your screws need to be. My husband, Brian, put the screws in and just did one in the back and one towards the front.

Once your two crates are secured together you’re ready to paint! You can use regular latex paint, you could stain them, or use spray paint. I chose to go with spray paint. One can was enough for one set of crates. If you’re doing two sets like I did you’ll want to get at least two cans of spray paint. Also to save on the paint I didn’t paint the backs of the shelves since you won’t see them anyways.

How they looked after two coats of paint!

Once you have let your paint dry you can start wrapping the handles with twine or leave them as is. I liked the look of having them wrapped. So I just took my hot glue gun and made a small dab inside the handle to secure a piece of twine and then began to wrap the handle. Once the entire handle was wrapped I used one more dab of hot glue to secure the end.


All that was left was to get them set up in our room and enjoy!

This shelf is great for so many things! I use them as a nightstand but you could use them for a small bookshelf, end tables in a living room, small shelf in a kids room to hold toys or stuffed animals, etc. What would you use this cute DIY shelf for?

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