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FabFitFun – Spring Box!

By: Kristen Darkow

My FabFitFun Spring box arrived recently, and I always think the contents are so much fun and worth sharing with all of you! If you’ve been thinking about whether to subscribe to FabFitFun, I definitely recommend it! Once per quarter, it feels like Christmas. 🙂 Here’s what I got this time!

This is what this season’s box looks like – it’s always such beautiful art on the box and get’s you in the mood for that season!

First up was this double necklace! I was really excited for this one because I’m always looking for new “everyday” jewelry – not necessarily a big statement piece but something that goes with everything. Here’s what it looked like on!

Next was this body oil. I haven’t used this one yet, but I think it’d be nice for massages!

I’ve been loving this AG Hair Care leave on conditioner. I just put a dime sized amount in my hair after I shower and it makes it easier to comb through and protects it from damage…plus it smells amazing!

This sleep lotion smells like lavender and is delightful! I just keep it by my bed and put a little bit on my hands before bed.

I’ve gotta say, I’m still a little bit confused by this Thermal Spring Water, but to my understanding, you just spray it on your skin and it makes it “soft”? I’ve been using it on my face mostly as a little refresher! Let me know if you use this or something similar and what else I should be using it for?

Where were these reusable straws when we were on our cruise? The cruise provided cardboard straws and they got soggy so quick and were pretty useless! These straws are made of silicon and even come with a portable carrying case. This would’ve been perfect for the cruise!

I already have Tarte eyeshadow and I’ve loved it! It’s neutral and shimmery and even scented. So when I got this Tarte countour/highlight kit, I was so excited! It’s also scented and so pretty. Here’s a photo of the inside!

And last up was this Donni sweater! I wore this the very next day to work with jeans, but I think it’s nice as a little robe over pajamas too! Here I am modeling it – just with my workout clothes, so not the best look…but you get the idea. 🙂

Here is everything that the Spring box sent out for other subscribers! I always love to see what the other options were and to add up the amount of everything in my box. This month, I received $355 worth of products for $50! 🙂


Here’s everything all together! Do you get the FabFitFun boxes? What was your favorite item this season?

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