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What I’ve Been Priming 2nd Edition

By: Amanda Magnus

Well as I’m sure most of you have noticed our daily routines look a bit different these days. Depending on what state you live in things may be a bit more normal than others. Here in Wisconsin we are pretty much supposed to stay home unless we have an essential job to go to or for groceries, gas, medical reasons, etc. So, since I’m not getting out much these days I thought I would do a post on what I’ve been priming from Amazon like Kristen did here.

1. Sleep Training Alarm Clock for Kids

His ball is red during the night and then turns green when it’s time to wake up.

We originally tried one of these for Ella awhile ago in hopes she would stop with the 5am wake ups and would start sleeping later. Well the first try ended up not going well and she was scared of it. So that was a major parent fail! So after some time I decided we should give it a try again but this time let her pick out the clock so she would get excited about it. I’m happy to report aside from the first night it has been going well! We are even going to try and push the wakeup time a few minutes later to see if we can keep her getting used to waiting for the dogs ball to turn green before getting out of bed for the day. 🙂

     2. New Rhythm Probiotics

I bought these probiotics to use when I make homemade yogurt. Some people use a yogurt started which is basically just a few tablespoons of already made yogurt or store bought yogurt. But I had never done that and always just used the probiotics. But sadly I was out of the ones I thought I had so I decided to give these a try and they worked great!

     3. Nonstick Donut Pan

This just happened to be a somewhat impulse buy. We were having a few of my aunts and uncles over to help with my parents moving into their new house and I wanted to something quick for breakfast on the morning they left. And I love trying to make new things so I thought why not try some cake donuts! They were a hit and turned out great!

    4. Cook Once, Eat All Week Cookbook

This cookbook I had my eye for quite awhile. And if you follow the blog you’ve seen Kristen and I both mention this blogger and her meal plans. I’ve loved the meal plans so I was wanting the cookbook. I eventually saw it priced lower than it had been before so I snatched it up. I’m still working through a few of the meal plans she emails but I’m excited to start working my way through her cookbook!

5. Buzz Lightyear Toddler Bed Sheets

I’m honestly not sure what made us decide to get Porter some new sheets but what kid doesn’t need a set of Buzz Lightyear bedding?! And the best part is the pillow case is reversible so one side is Buzz and the other is Woody and Rex. It doesn’t get much better than that! 🙂

Well, that about sums up what I’ve been finding on Amazon lately. What have been your most recent finds?


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