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What I’ve Been Loving Lately

By: Amanda Magnus

It should be no surprise to everyone that the world right now is not quite the same as it was a month ago. There’s a lot going on and a lot changing right now. But with all of the change it’s a chance to slow down and really take things in. Life becomes a little slower paced for some and while it may not be a welcome change for some I think it should be embraced. Because when things slow down you can really start to appreciate things in your day to day life. And that brings me to where my idea for this blog post came from.

Since starting to work at the daycare I have been making a coffee in the morning before I leave. I’ve been wanting to experiment more with tea though because I think it gives me a more sustained burst of energy and I don’t have the crash I get from coffee. Two of my favorite tea lattes are the London Fog Latte and a Matcha Tea Latte. The Matcha Tea Latte I get from Starbucks because I haven’t had a chance to buy some Matcha. But the London Fog Tea Latte I’ve been making at home. If you head on over to Pinterest you’ll find plenty of recipes to try out!

The next thing I’ve really been enjoying is making yogurt with my instant pot again. I made coconut milk yogurt with it once a long time ago and just never kept doing it because I didn’t eat it fast enough. But recently my two year old has started loving yogurt so I made another batch and remembered how delicious it is! I just add honey and vanilla but you can definitely experiment to make different flavors. Click here to see the recipe I use.

Finally, I had done a blog post about a new meal plan and prep system I was trying out and loving at the time. Well I am still loving it and so I recently bought the cookbook! It’s called “Cook Once, Eat All Week” by Cassy Joy Garcia. I’m pretty excited to be able to have a ton more meal plans at my fingertips to make our weekly meals hassle free. And the best part is I’ve started meal prepping once a week with my friend Brooke so now it’s even more fun!

Tell us what you’ve been loving lately! What are you looking forward to or currently doing that you love?

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