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Vote: Where’s Our Next Vacation?

By: Kristen Darkow

How crazy is the world right now? I hope everyone is able to stay home and that we can clear all of this up as soon as possible!

So, obviously, we won’t be taking a vacation anytime soon. However, Andrew and I love to travel together and want to do as much traveling as we can while we have the time to do it. 🙂 So far, we’ve been to 10 states together and 6 countries! On our honeymoon, we went to Ireland and Spain, and just last month our Caribbean cruise went to Mexico, Honduras and Belize.

It’s tough to take an international vacation each year (both financially and limited vacation time), but there is still so much of our own country/continent we’d like to see! For our next vacation, our goal is to find a spot that we can see over a long weekend rather than to take a week of vacation at work, but we’re also considering vacations to take in the coming years. Here’s the list we’ve come up with so far:

Las Vegas
Lake Tahoe
Banff, Canada
Kansas City
St. Louis
New York City
Mt. Rushmore
Cape Cod
The Hamptons

What we hope to get from all of you is your thoughts, advice, and input on these destinations (or others that we haven’t thought of!). Which of these have you been to? What do you recommend? What should we definitely avoid? Can you see any of these over a long weekend, or do they require more time? Which destinations are most/least affordable? Let us know! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Vote: Where’s Our Next Vacation?”

  1. Las Vegas is easy to do over a long weekend… in fact I can’t imagine spending a whole week or more there unless you expand to the surrounding area and catch the Grand Canyon and other sites. Lake Tahoe
    and Banff, Canada are supposed to be beautiful but I haven’t been to either. Nashville, Memphis and Kansas City are all great and could be done over a long weekend if you flew there. Boston and New York City are great destinations, but both nasty to drive in… lots to see and do though! The Carolinas – I haven’t spent much time in North Carolina, but I love South Carolina. Charleston and Hilton Head are awesome, but it gets really steamy in the summer. Mt. Rushmore: We never made it there with you kids, did we? It’s pretty cool, and you can see the Badlands, Corn Palace and Wall Drug on the way!

  2. Las Vegas is a great long weekend destination, although could be longer too if you go to some National Parks in the area. Several companies offer day trips to Zion- highly recommend! Catch some shows in Vegas, check out the free sights, options are endless.
    St Louis is great too, I love history. Easily drivable.

  3. I was not a fan of Vegas. It was interesting for a day but was so crowded and event people were so pushy. I never felt relaxed.
    Karl and I drove through South Dakota over a long weekend and had a great time hiking and seeing Mt Rushmore.
    When I was a kid my parents took us on a road trip through Michigan that I really want to repeat as an adult. we drove up from the south and took a ferry to the UP. Along the way, we climbed a bunch of sand dunes, swam a ton in Lake Michigan and biked around Mackinac Island. I think that could be an extra long weekend. We will go with you and Andrew 😊

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