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What I’ve Been Priming

By: Kristen Darkow

What was the world like before Amazon Prime? We used to have to leave our houses to buy things, or order them online and then wait weeks and weeks for them to show up. Overall, I’m not a huge Amazon shopper. I tend to forget to check Amazon first for things I need, but some of the things I have ordered on Amazon have been a lifesaver! Today, I’m sharing some of my favorite Amazon purchases with you, and I’m hoping you’ll share some of your go-to Amazon purchases too! The less I have to leave my house to buy something, the better. 😉

  1. Havasu Nutrition – Elderberry Capsules

I bought these in December when it started to seem like EVERYONE around me was getting sick. We had our cruise coming up, and I was willing to try anything to keep the cold and flu at bay. It’s hard to know how well these work because I can’t confirm whether I’ve stayed healthy on my own or from taking these capsules, but I had read the reviews before buying them and these are a hit! I just take one with dinner every night. And even if you do get sick, you can take a couple of these each day and shorten your cold!

2. Germstar Noro Hand Sanitizer

Can you tell I bought these at the same time I bought the Elderberry capsules? 😉 I was a little paranoid that week with everyone around me getting sick! Germstar is the #1 hand sanitizer used on cruise ships, because it’s one of the few that can kill norovirus. Ironically, it’s currently sold out because of Coronavirus.

3. Tinkle Eyebrow Razor

I had seen these recommended several times for not only eyebrow shaping, but overall face trimming. 😉 You know – the peach fuzz on the sides of your face, above your lip, etc. Andrew laughed at me, but I think (I hope!) all you ladies know what I’m talking about! It’s supposed to make foundation look smoother on your face without all those little fuzzies underneath. I like these and definitely recommend! Plus, you can’t beat $4.25 for 6 of them!

4. Roll-on Migraine Stick

I go through phases of getting tension headaches on a daily basis, and I don’t always want to resort to taking ibuprofen each day. I ordered these Migraine sticks from Amazon, and I do think they help! You just roll it on the back of your neck, your temples, and your forehead, and you feel a cooling sensation that can lessen the headache.

Those are my most recent Amazon purchases! I also have several things just sitting in my Amazon cart as a reminder to purchase them someday. Most of them were recommendations from friends who have purchased them. I’ll share some of those too, in case they interest anyone else. 🙂

V-Neck Bell Sleeve Dress

There’s always an occasion for a little black dress! Plus, this dress comes in dozens of other colors/patterns too! It’s only $32.99!

Luxury Throw Blanket

This blanket looks delightful, is affordable, and actually comes in sizes big enough to cover your feet. 🙂

Pet Hair Removal Broom

If you live with a husky, you’ll understand. 😉 We typically end up vacuuming our wood floors to remove all the pet hair, but it would be nice to have this broom as a way to round it all up!

Bed Sheet Gripper

Anyone else get frustrated with bed sheets slipping off the corners? I’ve heard these work wonders!

So that’s what I’ve been Priming! Please share some of your favorite Amazon finds too – I’d love to see what I’m missing!

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