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Caribbean Cruise Recap

By: Amanda Magnus

As most of our readers already know our long awaited family cruise is officially over and Kristen and I both enjoyed every bit of it! The rest of our family also had fun and I think most of them would be willing to go on a cruise again! Kristen did a post the other week with pictures she had taken while on the cruise so this week I’m going to do a picture dump of some of the ones I had taken on our trip.

I hope you enjoy the picture recap! And one thing that is not pictured but is a must try if you enjoy iced coffee is to get an espresso martini sometime. These were delicious. However, a word of caution (since no one warned me) is you should only enjoy one of these and not have 3 in one evening like I did. 😉

The cousins doing a shot of Fireball!

Costa Maya was probably one of our favorite ports. It was so nice!

We played some bingo and split some cards with my parents and Andrew and Kristen and we won! And it just happened to be Brian’s birthday too!
Jose Cuervo tequila tasting.
Brian and Zach enjoying the mango margaritas after the tequila tasting.,
Delicious tacos!
Some yummy sushi!
Impressive looking dessert.
A very large margarita.
We took a picture after dinner and the rest of the adults on the trip were in the window behind us. 🙂
Brian, Me, and Aunt Debbie!
Free valentines day flowers a waiter gave me as we were leaving the restaurant.
One last picture in front of the chandelier. This is also the bridesmaid dress I wore for the wedding I was in in October. I just had it shortened and now it’s a perfect cruise dress! 🙂

If you’ve ever been on a cruise tell us about it!

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