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Porter’s 2nd Birthday Party

By: Amanda Magnus

Well I am officially back to reality after our cruise and jumping back into our daily routine. While it’s nice to go on vacation I have to say it is so nice being home. Back to our own space and own beds feel so good! Before we left on the cruise I promised I would do a post about Porter’s second birthday party. So, as promised, here it is!

Porter has grown and changed so much over the last year! His vocabulary has really exploded and with that comes a personality with strong preferences of what he likes and doesn’t like. So, needless to say he was able to give some input into his party theme. He’s really gotten into Toy Story and loves Buzz Lightyear so it was an easy choice to have his birthday be Buzz Lightyear themed.

I feel like I kept things pretty simple this year with decorations but it was probably my favorite party for how things turned out! I just used plastic table cloths for the backdrop and used my cricut to cut out the paper shapes.

I didn’t make the birthday board this year either. I ordered the file off of Etsy and then had it printed at vistaprint. I enjoy making the birthday boards but things were busy this year so having them designed and printed was a huge time saver!

For drinks I had the usual water, soda, punch and then we did a hot chocolate bar again like we had done for Ella’s birthday party. I think the hot chocolate bar may be a staple for future parties since it’s fun and people can customize their own drinks!

Finally, we decided not to do cupcakes or cake because they just never seem to go over very well. So I tried something new this year and made cake pops that looked like the martians from Toy Story. I will say this was not a complete success. The cake pops did not stay on the sticks very well and when it came to dipping them in the melted coating they tended to start to fall off. It was not as easy as the tutorials make it seem. So we (Angela, my sister-in-law, and Reese, my brother-in-law’s girlfriend) ended up taking the cake pops off the sticks and just putting them on a plate which worked out well. I think I”ll continue to play around with the cake pop recipe to find a perfect one because these did go over better than just cake.

The one downside to cake pops is there is no place to put a candle for the birthday boy or girl to blow out. So when I made the cake for the cake pops I cut out one piece to set aside so we would have something to put candles in!

Porter’s birthday was a success and everyone had a great time! If you know the secret to the perfect cake pop let me know! 🙂

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