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More Christmas Decor

By: Amanda Magnus

I hope everyone is enjoying this time leading up to the holidays and looking forward to spending it with family and friends! This time of year always makes me happy. I love being able to decorate for different holidays but Christmas is the most fun for me. There is just so much you can do! My mother-in-law always has the best decorations and she even has Christmas plates! That is definitely a decorating goal of mine. 🙂

Okay, enough jabbering and lets get on to the decorating I’ve done this year. So every year we of course have a Christmas tree. Instead of doing a bunch of Christmas balls Brian and I both have ornaments from when we were kids and our kids now even have some. Those ornaments alone fill up our tree pretty fast! And the tree skirt was a gift from my Aunt Barb that I love being able to use every year! She embroidered Brian’s and my name onto it.

Fun Fact: Our tree is navy blue!

Next up is the fireplace mantle. This is the first year I’ve had an actual mantle to decorate. If you remember the before photos from my living room makeover, there used to just be 3 stone shelves on the fireplace. This mantle was more fun to decorate for sure! I had some leftover fake snow from crafts and found some cute snowflake lights and then just filled in the rest from there!

Fun Fact: The small Christmas tree on the mantle was from my Aunt Gwen quite awhile ago and I still use it every year!

I also had a new front entry way stand to decorate this year. So I added a ceramic angel I painted way back in grade school, a metal snowman candle holder, and then a countdown to Christmas snowman I had gotten last year to do with Ella. As you can see the numbers haven’t gotten changed on it. That, my friends, is real life around here…I have good intentions of doing these things and then #momlife.

The last few things I found that are new this year are the two Christmas pillow covers that I used on our couch this year and the felt Christmas tree and ornaments. The kids have had a lot of fun taking the ornaments off and putting them back on. If you have kids I’d highly recommend getting them one of these!

And that is the extent of my decorating for this year! What is your favorite holiday to decorate for? Do you like to decorate or keep it simple?


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