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Christmas Decor Home Tour

By: Kristen Darkow


Christmas lights, Christmas trees and stockings are enough to put anyone in the Christmas spirit…the decor is one of my favorite things about this time of year! While I love putting up and enjoying my own Christmas decor, I always love blog posts that give a peek into someone else’s home and their decor. So today, I’m sharing ours for all of you!

We’d love to put up more, but we just don’t have a ton of storage right now so we’ve held off on buying too much holiday decor. But, here’s what we’ve got. Enjoy!

We put this little light-up sign in our kitchen! We found it at Ross.

Another amazing find at Ross was this cute little light-up church! We saw one so similar at a boutique shop that we really wanted, but the price seemed a little steep. Once we saw this one for $40 less than the other one, we jumped on it!

Here is our upstairs tree and stockings. This is our first year with a full-size Christmas tree together, so it was fun to get out our childhood ornaments and decorate it. It’s also our first year with stockings – it’s been fun to find small gifts to fill each other’s stockings with!

I’ve been loving starting my mornings reading a book by Christmas tree light. 🙂 Can’t we just leave it up all year?

As children, my brothers and I each collected a different Christmas decoration. One brother collected nutcrackers, another collected Santas, and I collected angels! My collection is far too large to display the whole thing right now, so I just chose a few to put out this Christmas. 🙂

We ended up with two full-size Christmas trees this year, so we stuck one downstairs too! Before I moved into Andrew’s house, I warned him that I’ll probably take over the decor upstairs and that he can do whatever he wants with the downstairs (if we didn’t make this agreement, there would surely be mini helmets and Brett Favre cardboard cutouts in our upstairs living room, and I just had to draw the line before that happened. Haha!!) So Andrew decided to make the downstairs tree a football tree – he hung his tiny helmets and some Packers ornaments. Not too shabby for a man cave tree!

Storm photo-bombed this picture of the downstairs tree and it was so cute that I just had to include it.

We also hung some outdoor Christmas lights, and tried one of those projector things on our garage! It projects dancing snowflakes. I think it looks pretty cool!

It’s hard to see at night, but we also have a pretty wreath on our front door.

And that’s it! What’s your favorite part of our Christmas decorations? What decorations do you have up in your house? Share with us in the comments below!

2 thoughts on “Christmas Decor Home Tour”

  1. I love the simple decorations like lighted garland, candles in the window and lighted trees, eaves, etc. Not too crazy about the figurines on the lawn, except for the manger scenes! We enjoy our Christmas Village, Nativity set, gnomes and other indoor decorations as well… plus Christmas music 24/7!

  2. Cute! You can come over and see my decorations still 😊 January 9 and I don’t have big plans to take them down just yet. Since we were in Hawaii the last 10 days of December, I want to enjoy it a bit longer! Also, I love your angels. Karl’s grandma collected the same ones and we inherited a couple of them.

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