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Gift Guide For the Whole Family

By: Kristen Darkow


I don’t know about you, but online shopping has been a lifesaver for me when it comes to Christmas gifts. I don’t always know what exactly I’m looking for when shopping for a specific person, so aimlessly wandering a store doesn’t always do the trick for me. Online shops, like Etsy, are such a great place to start when you’re just not sure what to get for each person in your family. Today, we’re compiling ideas found on Etsy that you can gift each person on your Christmas list:

For Her (Mother/Daughter/Sister/Wife):

Personalized Ring

Not every ring has to be as expensive as that engagement ring you got her. 😉 This cute ring can be customized to say whatever you’d like, and the woman in your life is sure to love it! She can even stack several if you just can’t decide what to put on one ring.

Woolen Throw

A girl can never have too many blankets – you need several for the living room, several for the bed, and a few to throw in a basket “just in case”. 🙂 This woolen throw can be personalized on the leather patch, making for a sweet and sentimental gift for anyone in your life!

Personalized Interlocking Circle Bracelet

Have I mentioned that the girl in your life will love something sentimental? These bracelets can include whatever message you’d like and can be worn with any outfit for any occasion – she will love it!

Mom Planner

Most girls I know love a good daily planner, but who needs one more than the mom in your life? Keeping track of all of the kids’ activities is such a challenge, and she will appreciate these custom pages that list out all of the kids on every day so planning is a breeze!


For Him (Father/Son/Brother/Husband):

Pint Glasses

What guy doesn’t need a nice set of pint glasses in his life? Andrew uses his assortment of pint glasses for his nightly glass of milk. 🙂 This product from vital on Etsy comes in your choice of all 50 states!

Personalized Wooden Watch

Sure, we’ve all got a clock on our phones now, but a good watch never goes out of style. Plus, with this one, you can personalize the back of it! Perfect gift for your dad or husband.

Monogrammed Leather Grooming Kit

Nothin’ says “classy” or “manly” like leather, monograms, and shaving, right? This great gift idea combines it all into one super manly, super classy

Personalized Couple Portrait

I don’t know about you, but I’d love to hang one of these in our living room! This artist can create a portrait of you and your significant other, plus a pet! How cool is that?

For Pets:

Custom Pet Portraits

Okay, this may not be a chew toy or a new bag of treats, but I’m sure your pet will feel appreciated with a portrait of them on your wall! What a great way to honor your loyal companion!

Custom Leash Holder

Once again, it’s no rawhide, but I’m willing to bet your dog loves walks, and having his/her leash in sight will make it easier for him/her to beg for the next walk! Trust me, they’ll enjoy this gift. 🙂

Embroidered Dog Bed

Not that your dog can read or anything, but why not have their name embroidered on this super-cozy and durable bed?

Dog Bow Ties

Personally, I’ve always had my dogs wear bow ties because they just make them look so darn cute and also a little dapper. 🙂 I’ve found that StellaMaeandCo makes some great quality bow ties in a variety of sizes and patterns, and your dog will love how handsome he looks while wearing this. 🙂


There you go! How’s that for a start to your online Christmas shopping? I find that most Etsy shops ship out really quickly, so you should still have plenty of time to place your order for those last-minute gift ideas! What’s your favorite Etsy shop for Christmas gifts? Share with us in the comments below!

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  1. I feel bad when stores go out of business, but who has time and patience to fight the crowds and traffic to run out to shop for everything? Plus I really like having packages delivered! Online shopping has been a lifesaver, especially this year!

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