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What We Are Thankful For

By: Amanda Magnus and Kristen Darkow

First of all Happy Thanksgiving! With Thanksgiving upon us that means the busy season of the rest of the holidays coming up is upon us. And with that comes stress and often times we forget to reflect on the joy of the season and what we are thankful for. So, in the spirit of Thanksgiving we thought it would be fun to do a post of the things we are most thankful for!


We are both so thankful to have amazing families! Without them we wouldn’t be who are today. We also wouldn’t get to make all of the wonderful memories we have with them.

Amanda is thankful for her wonderful husband and two children that bring her joy and plenty of laughs. She is also thankful that both her parents and in-laws live so close by so that they can see them often. And with Andrew and Kristen being just a 45 minute drive away it’s convenient to see them from time to time as well!

Kristen is thankful for Andrew and a wonderful first 6 months of marriage. 🙂 She is also thankful for some amazing parents, awesome new in-laws, some super fun siblings, Joel, Mark, Bridgett, Amanda and Brian, plus two adorable nieces and two handsome nephews.


In case you haven’t picked up on it yet we are both animal lovers! It’s no surprise we love our pets and are so thankful for them!

Amanda has their dog Guiness who is full of energy. She loves getting to watch Guinness interact with the kids and see them have fun playing with him. She also has two cats, Felix and Juno. While most people wouldn’t think of cats as very social they both show their love and enjoy getting to spend time with Amanda and Brian. They aren’t in love with the kids yet. 🙂


Kristen and Andrew love their dog Storm – he isn’t always the most snuggly dog, but when he does allow for some snuggling, you know it’s because he loves you. He is so nice though and never fails to give us a laugh. Kristen is also thankful for her parents’ dog, Harvey. He’s a super sweet and cuddly shihtzu and she loves visiting home to see him again. 🙂

Jobs We Love

Amanda is thankful for having the privilege of being a stay at home mom. She loves getting to be there when the kids wake up in the morning and go to bed at night and all day in between! It can be exhausting at times but getting to raise two little humans is the most rewarding job! She also of course has her online teaching job with VIPKid where she gets to teach English to kids in China and form relationships with them as well.

Ready to teach!

Kristen recently found a job she loves too – doing marketing for real estate is a lot of fun! She gets to tour homes before they’re listed for sale and market all of their great qualities. She also works with some really awesome people that make her look forward to going into work each day.

Donating backpacks to kids living in homelessness!

Well there you have it, our list of what we are thankful for! Of course we could go on and on about everything we are thankful for but we kept it to just a few. Tell us what your Thanksgiving plans are and what you are thankful for this season!

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  1. We are thankful for good health and a great family! Thankful to have three of our five kids home for the holiday and wish Joel and his family could’ve come too, but the weather wouldn’t cooperate. Also thankful to live in the country we do and the freedom and privileges that we have!

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