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A Day in the Life of Kristen

By: Kristen Darkow


When I’m reading other people’s blogs, I always think one of the most interesting types of posts is a peek into their daily life…periodic photos throughout their day. So this week, Amanda and I are bringing you a day in each of our lives! Dive in!

This particular day, last Tuesday, was slightly abnormal. Normally I wake up around 5:45 and get in to work at 7:30. On this day, I had a work event that started at 9:00, so I was able to sleep in a bit! Which was nice, because I was also coming down with a cold on this day.

So, my alarm went off at 7:00…an extra hour of sleep? Yes, please!

My morning routine involves curling my hair…

…and putting on makeup. I did a post awhile back on my makeup routine, and it hasn’t changed a whole lot since then! I just try new brands every now and then to compare. 🙂 Here’s what I’m using these days:

Once my hair and makeup was done, I went to get dressed. Storm was sleeping by the door, so I stopped and snuggled for a few minutes. This is typical on most mornings, if he lets me. 🙂

Here’s what I wore!

And then I was off to the event. It was called “Social Media for Personal Branding”.

I snapped a photo of my dashboard, because LOOK at that temp. 9 degrees and it’s still early November!!

I also enjoyed a Built Bar in the car as my breakfast. If you haven’t tried these, they are phenomenal. Where else can you find a protein bar that looks and tastes like a candy bar but is this healthy? I highly recommend!

I made it to my event…

Sorry my name tag is backwards…had my camera in selfie mode. 🙂

After it was over, I headed into the office for the rest of the day. My day at work usually consists of writing real estate articles, visiting future home listings and taking notes on their features, marketing those homes, promoting our real estate team on social media, organizing company events, designing our marketing materials, filming and editing team videos, etc. It really is a fun job. 🙂

I heated up my lasagna soup for lunch. It is delicious. Recipe here!

Just a mid work day selfie!

I wrapped things up and headed home around 4:00 on this day…since I wasn’t feeling well I wanted some time to rest when I got home.

Later, we walked Storm. Can you believe it gets this dark so early?!

And then we had nachos for dinner!

This sweet guy knew I wasn’t feeling well that morning, so he had looked up cold remedies and went and bought the ingredients for a cold remedy tea! One of the ingredients was…Fireball! Hahaha. How lucky am I?

It was actually pretty tasty!

He drank some too… (yes, we already have a Christmas tree up. We’re still going to put one up upstairs and decorate more, but so far we put up Andrew’s football Christmas tree. It has Packers ornaments and NFL helmet ornaments)

And then we watched Mudbound. A really well-made but sad movie!

And then it was time for bed. I did a post a couple months ago on our bedroom makeover, but the room wasn’t quite complete at that point because we didn’t have any wall decor. Since then, we’ve added our wedding photos…

And we made some wall hangings using the bible verse from our wedding sermon! We just ordered stencils off of Etsy and painted these boards from Hobby Lobby. I think they turned out great!

And there you have it…a day in my life! What do you think – anything surprising? Let me know in the comments below!



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