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Halloween Fun

By: Amanda Magnus

Happy Halloween! Do you get excited for Halloween or tend to just want it to be over? I’ll be honest I was never a big fan of it but my husband loves Halloween so over the years it has become more fun for me. Also, since having kids and getting them dressed up for trick-or-treating it has made things more fun that way too!

With the kids being so young yet, trick-or-treating at night is just more work than it’s worth. Our town did trick-or-treating on October 26th. Luckily earlier in the day there were other opportunities for kids to trick-or-treat. We brought Ella and Porter to St. Matthew’s Trunk-or-Treat. This worked out great since it was in the morning and didn’t interfere with nap or bedtimes! 🙂

There were activities inside and plenty of fun to be had outside with the animals to pet and the decorated trunks to go and get candy and treats from. Ella was dressed up as Rapunzel. She has been obsessed with anything Disney princess related. Porter was a lion. We found his costume at TJ Maxx and when I saw it I knew he would be adorable in it!

Since the kids did trick-or-treating during the day we had them help hand out candy in the evening to the other kids that came out. Our house is on a main road and the neighborhood right behind us is where a lot of the main trick-or-treating happens. Because of this our house often gets skipped which is just no fun! So when we were at Home Depot the other day we checked out their clearanced Halloween decor and found these gems to put in our front yard next year to hopefully attract more trick-or-treaters!

Are you a fan of Halloween or not? What traditions do you have for the day?

2 thoughts on “Halloween Fun”

  1. Love the costumes! I enjoyed Halloween a lot more when our kids were young. Maybe we need to be around the grandkids at this time of year!

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