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My Favorite Beauty and Skincare Products

By: Amanda Magnus

When it comes to make-up and skincare there are so many different brands and products out there. My preference in the products I use has definitely changed over the years. I’ve started paying a lot more attention to what I’m putting on my skin since our skin absorbs everything! So I have switched out a lot of my stuff for more clean and natural products. If you want to see what my favorites currently are keep reading!


My skincare routine is definitely nothing consistent. I tend to bounce around to a few different things. The thing I’ve been using the longest is my Norwex body cloth. This is awesome, especially if you have sensitive skin. You just get it wet and wash your face. It takes off makeup and gently exfoliates. And that’s it! No other products needed.

If I’m wanting to exfoliate I love this walnut face scrub from Scentsory Bath & Body Boutique. It has an energizing peppermint scent and makes my skin so smooth!

Finally, if I’m wanting a bit more pampering, I use this Dead Sea Mud Mask from Poofy Organics. I just got it recently, but it is my new favorite! I just put it on and let it dry. Then wash it off and my skin is glowing! Not to mention it lasts forever. I’ve had it for over a month and use it twice a week and it doesn’t even look like I’ve used any!

Enjoying the Dead Sea Mud Mask!

For moisturizing after washing my face I really like the Argan Eye Serum from Poofy Organics. It can actually be used a a serum for your whole face and not just your eyes. Then I follow it up with the Flawless Face PM cream from Poofy Organics.


For make-up I’ve been a long time user of Bare Minerals which are all great products. But recently I switched things up for Poofy Organics make-up line. I currently use their BB Cream and then do the powder foundation over that. It lasts all day and doesn’t feel heavy at all. Plus it’s all clean ingredients that are good for your skin.

Powder Foundation

The blush I use is still Bare Minerals and my eye shadow I’ve been using the Naked Palette by Urban Decay but am going to switch that out for Poofy Organics eye shadows. For mascara I use…you guessed it…Poofy Organics HD Mascara. This mascara is by far the best natural mascara I’ve found. I don’t even miss the drug store mascara because this stuff works just as well!

For lips I LOVE the Poofy Organics Matte Lip Velvet colors. These have great staying power and the color I have is so pretty! It’s great for a night out or really any occasion. I just got two more colors to try that will work well for every day wear too.

Wearing the “Honey I’m Going Out” Matte Velvet lip color.

Well, that pretty much covers all of my favorite skincare and make-up products right now. What are your go to products that you love?

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