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How to Plan a Bachelorette Party

By: Amanda Magnus

If you haven’t figured it out by now, party planning is something I love to do! I just love the whole process from picking a theme, organizing everything and figuring out all of the little details. Some may find that tedious and not fun at all but it is anything but that for me! Party planning is my happy place! 🙂 So lets talk about what you need to do to plan the perfect bachelorette party!

1. Pick a Date and Plan Activities

This part is best done by talking with the bride-to-be about what she envisions for the day and what date will work best for her. For the bachelorette party I planned, Brooke, the bride-to-be, wanted the day to be a surprise. So I brainstormed a few ideas of things we could do and let her tell me what ideas she liked or didn’t like. From there I was able to choose some activities for the day.

In order to plan the activities I found it easiest to create a Facebook group and have Brooke invite everyone she was inviting to the group and then I kicked her out so she wouldn’t see what we were planning. 🙂 I posted pricing info for all of the activities and got head counts of who would be joining. Once I had head counts I was able to call and schedule our activities!

We ended up doing an escape room at Escape Waukesha. We split up into two groups and each did an escape room. One group was Terror on the Titanic and the other was Murder Mystery. We had a competition to see who could get out of the room the quickest! Escape Waukesha was so amazing to work with! They were super accommodating and made the whole planning process a breeze!

Then we went to Staller Estate Winery for a wine tour, wine flights paired with chocolates and wine glass painting! This was also made so easy to plan by Staller Estate! They helped organize everything and all we had to do was show up and have a blast. The tour was great and the owner’s husband made the whole experience fun and even made sure to stop and have us take pictures along the way!

Out in the vineyards for the wine tour.
Down in the wine cellar!
Painting the wine glasses!
Everyone with their finished wine glasses. They all turned out great!

2. Organize the Day

Once you have your activities set up, you’ll want to make a plan so the day is laid out for everyone and no one is confused about what the plan is. I made a timeline in the Facebook group for everyone, which worked out well. I let people know where to meet, when we were leaving, and when we would be back. I also made sure to let people know they would need to eat lunch before we left but that we would have dinner when we returned! We planned to do dinner and games at Brooke’s house so I planned the food menu with the help of Brooke. She was able to let me know her favorite foods so that is what we planned the meal around!

3. Finalize the Little Details

The last part you’ll want to do is figure out all of the little details that will pull everything together! First of all you can’t have a party without decorations! I know the bride loves roses and rose scented things. She also loves rose gold. So I planned the decor around those ideas. I made paper roses to make a nice picture backdrop. I also found a rose gold streamer background to put up as well. This turned out even better than I had imagined! The colors of the roses are the wedding colors.

Next up was figuring out how to split into teams for the escape room. I found these cute hair ties that came in two colors so I put them in a basket and had everyone pick one out. Then, since we were having a competition to see who could escape first I needed prizes for the winning team! So, I made these cute chapstick holders and bought chapstick to go in each one. Everyone seemed to love these!

Cute hair ties to split into teams for the escape room.
Chapstick holders for the winners!

Then we were off to the winery. The bride-to-be of course had to have a special shirt to wear so I made her one! I used burgundy glitter heat transfer vinyl since burgundy is one of the wedding colors. And I themed the back of the shirt a wine saying since we were going to a winery.

Finally, we needed to have party favors! So, going with the same rose theme I made rose scented bath salts. These were so easy! I used epsom salts, rose oil and dried rose buds and petals. These turned out so cute! Hopefully everyone is enjoying them and resting up for the wedding day!

One other detail I forgot to mention is I had mixed up two specialty cocktails based on what Brooke likes. She liked Moscow Mules so I had made a strawberry version. She also likes to get a martini at Splash with pop rocks on the rim so I made a pomegranate drink with pop rocks on the rim. The pomegranate drink was the favorite! We also played a few games as well. I had a questionnaire about the bride and groom for everyone to fill out and then I also had a set of questions for Brooke to answer too!

So there you have it! Do you enjoy planning parties? Have you ever planned a bachelorette party? What did you end up doing?



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