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My FabFitFun Box Experience

By: Kristen Darkow


If you’re anything like me, you’ve seen all the celebs advertising the FabFitFun Box for years, but haven’t been able to validate spending that kind of money on yourself – especially when you don’t know exactly what you’re going to get for that money. But this fall, I finally caved and got myself a box, and I’m going to tell you everything about it!

If you’re unfamiliar with the FabFitFun Box, it’s a subscription box that arrives at your door quarterly and includes $200+ worth of items (like skincare, makeup, fitness, and clothing products) for $50 each season. I know that $50 isn’t a ton of money (I spend that much on other things without thinking twice!), but I’ve just never been able to pull the trigger on it. Until last month! I found a promo code for 50% off ($25 for $200+ worth of stuff?!). If you want 50% off your first box, click here to order!

Anyway, I’m here to tell you today that this box is WORTH IT. Now, I’m sure the value varies a bit each season and I can only base this off the Fall 2019 box, but it was like Christmas morning. I tracked the shipping on that baby every day until it arrived on my doorstep, and I couldn’t get home from work fast enough that day! Let’s dive in:

First thing when I opened my box, there was a little magazine on top! It features lots of good articles, and, most importantly, information about each of the products in the box. I’ll show you some of the pages in a bit!

Here’s how the box came packaged – I hadn’t even read any of the labels yet, but I knew I was going to like this stuff. Beauty products like this are always something that I want for myself but never actually buy, so I was EXCITED.

First up was this set of gold under-eye masks! I had no idea what was in my box, but I was reallllllly hoping there were under-eye masks and it did not disappoint! You’ll also see in all of these pictures that Storm was very curious about these products too. 🙂 I actually think he thought it was his BarkBox (see, even Storm gets a subscription box!).

Next up was this “Lava Magik” skincare product, which is a 3-in-1 cleanser, scrub and mask. So far, I’ve just used it as a facial scrub/exfoliator in the shower, but it smells delightful and leaves my face feeling so soft!

Next was this human+kind Body Souffle. I can honestly say I’ve never owned a “Body Souffle” before, but I’m loving it! It’s kind of a thicker texture than regular lotion, and it smells like apricot oil and shea butter. I put some on after my shower the other night and Andrew asked “why do you smell so good?” and I said “Because I showered…?” and he said “No, better than normal.” So, there you have it.

Everybody knows Aveda hair products are the best! This is another thing I could never validate spending $30 on, so I was thrilled to see it in my box! I’ve just been running it through my damp hair after a shower and it protects hair from heat styling!

Here in Wisconsin, it is officially scarf season, and one can never have too many scarves! Especially one that’s worth $75! I’d never spend that on myself, but this scarf is super soft and I’ve already worn it at least 3 times.
I had just worked out before opening my box, so excuse the fact that the scarf didn’t match with my workout top. 🙂 Just couldn’t wait to try it on!

Next up was this Kate Spade lunch box! Kate Spade?? Yes!! It’s insulated and super cute, but a little small for the Tupperware we use. So, I now use mine as a makeup/toiletry travel bag and it’s perfect for that! Just ignore the “Out to Lunch” line. 🙂

Next in the box was this Skinvolve Body Boost Gel, which is a pre-workout gel that supposedly firms and tightens problem areas. Not sure I believe it, but anything is worth a try, right? Ironically, I haven’t worked out since receiving this box (I was hit hard by a cold last week), but I can’t wait to try this when I do!

And last but not least, we have these Harper + Ari Exfoliating Sugar Cubes. They’re basically just a little exfoliant shaped into a cube, and they soften up when they’re in the shower to make for a  perfectly portioned body exfoliant! They smell delightful and really do seem to soften up my skin!

These next few images are pages inside the magazine which show some information about the products, as well as their retail value. Give it a read! (Note: not every product mentioned in the magazine is in the box – it varies from person to person)

So, I got ALL of this…

…which I added up based on their retail values mentioned in the magazine, and found out that I received $271 worth of product for $25!

Now I think I’m going to continue the subscription, because everyone deserves to treat themselves at least once per season. 🙂 I’m super pleased with the products and the overall experience, and if you haven’t given FabFitFun a try, I highly recommend it!

What other subscription boxes have you tried? I’m super curious about Ipsy, StitchFix, CauseBox, BoxyCharm, BirchBox, and RocksBox. Let me know if you’ve tried any of these and what you thought of it!

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  1. Did they include anything that grows hair (including eyebrows and eye lashes)? It’s always fun to get stuff in the mail/delivered to your door!

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