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My New Favorite Meal Idea

By: Amanda Magnus

I posted not long ago about struggling with meal planning and coming up with new ideas. I recently started seeing charcuterie boards popping up on my social media feeds, and let me tell you, they look delicious! If you’re not familiar with what a charcuterie board is, it’s just a mixture of meats and cheeses. Then you can add in fruits, nuts, crackers…whatever sounds good to you!

The reasons I’m loving this idea is because they are quick and easy to make. There is no cooking involved! The other reason these are great is because you can customize them to your likes. And, not only can you customize them but you can make them different every time. The variety you can use with these means you won’t get tired of them! They also allow you to get creative and have some fun putting it together if you want. Some people get really fancy with their charcuterie boards and others keep it simple. So it’s totally up to you with how you want to do it.

This first time around that I made a charcuterie board I really had no idea what we would all like so I just started out by going to Aldi and seeing what I found there. They really have a great selection of cheeses to choose from and I even found some olives. I also went to Pick ‘N Save and found most of my crackers and some meats there. This board ended up consisting of a little bit of everything. We had meat, cheese, olives, dried cranberries, cashews, crackers, spinach artichoke dip, fruit, and honeycomb. Which, by the way, I think honeycomb is a must! It is so delicious paired with an apple slice and goat cheese. Yum!

As you can see from the above picture I had quite a variety of things to choose from to make our board. I didn’t end up using quite everything but I did use most of it. Below is the finished product complete with some wine. 🙂

I’m thinking I need to invest in a real charcuterie board at some point. This time around I just used our pizza board, but it worked! I’m also thinking a dessert charcuterie board should be a thing too!

If you’ve made a charcuterie board before tell us what you like to add to yours! Do you have a charcuterie board you love? Where did you get it?

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