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College Homecoming – SDSU Edition

By: Kristen Darkow

You wanna feel old? Go to a college homecoming when you’re past college-age. And turn 27. All in the same weekend. And that’s just what we did this weekend. It was great fun!

Andrew and I left work around noon on Friday to get a head start on the 6 hour drive to Sioux Falls, SD. When we finally rolled into town, we were starving and excited to meet his friends at a newer place in town called the Vinyl Taco. Anything with “Taco” in its name is a yes from me. But this place was super cool and had games (shuffleboard, Connect 4, beer pong, etc.), Mexican street food, and margaritas. I’m jealous that we don’t have one near us! So, if you’re in Sioux Falls, Fargo, or Grand Forks, check it out!

The next morning, it was time to head to Brookings, SD for homecoming (Hobo Day) at Andrew’s alma mater, SDSU. Andrew and his friend, Nate, took Nate’s camper up to Brookings, while Nate’s wife, Brandi, and I followed in the car. We stopped for some drinks, and then headed to the tailgating area before game time!

It had been raining all morning and luckily stopped by the time we were tailgating, but as you can see behind us, the tailgating area was all wet and muddy. So, we didn’t stay out there real long. πŸ™‚ Just long enough to snag some free food, play Bags and win a free t-shirt, and enjoy a drink!

After that, we cozied up in a bar to watch the game and meet up with some more friends. It was a great day! So great, in fact, that I forgot to take any more photos other than the one above.

So, to make up for that, I’ll share some photos that my parents sent us. They were staying at our house watching Storm!

These two may be quite different in size, but they get along nicely! πŸ™‚

My parents were even able to make a day trip down to the Chicago area to visit their grandbabies! πŸ™‚

They were sad when my parents left.


We drove back from South Dakota on Sunday, and made it back to Madison just in time to enjoy the Packers game with my parents and celebrate my birthday! I’m so lucky to have these people to celebrate with. πŸ™‚

So that was our weekend! How did you spend your weekend? Do you make it back for your college homecoming? Share in the comments below!

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  1. Homecoming is meant to be for alumni returning to their Alma Mater but I agree, it seems like it’s gotten away from that concept. We had a great time visiting with our grandchildren and granddogs… and the Packers and Badgers both won! UW-RF homecoming is the 19th but we’re doing the wine trolley πŸš‹ that day!

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