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Our Newest Addition

By: Amanda Magnus

Well, we finally made it happen! You’re probably wondering what I’m talking about! You know when you’ve been wanting something for awhile but it’s not really in the plans. Then it’s in the plans and you talk about it happening for even longer. But then the day comes and you finally get your brand new…beautiful…big…kitchen sink! 🙂

Okay, I know that may not be exciting to everyone. But I’m sure as most of you know as you get older and have a place of your own you start to really get excited about home stuff. The furniture, appliances, little upgrades here and there. It all starts to make your home feel like yours with your own style and preferences. And the best part is these things that you can do to spruce up your house don’t always have to cost an arm and a leg. There are so many fun DIY decor projects or just painting a room a new color can really make all the difference and give a completely different feel.

So, back to the sink! Brian, had probably asked me almost 2 years ago now if I wanted a new sink for my birthday present. We had a standard double basin sink and we had talked about getting the one basin sink with a single drain. I said that would be great but sinks aren’t one of those inexpensive things you can do. So the more we looked into it we decided it would have to wait until we could save up for what we really wanted.

This weekend our plans all fell into place and we got our new sink complete with a new garbage disposal since ours was starting to not run as well. Now I have to brag on my Father-in-law a bit here. He always gets roped into our DIY home improvement ideas because he is just really good at this stuff and even if things don’t go according to plan he can always figure it out! These projects always take longer than expected and he never complains and does it all with a smile on his face. He always reminds us he enjoys doing these projects but regardless it’s still work and we SO appreciate all of his help and willingness to end up spending entire Saturday afternoons with us to help. He’s also one of the most positive optimistic people I’ve met! We love him and are so lucky to have him!

Now, back to the sink project! Brian found the sink we needed at Home Depot so we had the sink and garbage disposal ready to go. We had also gone and got the extra piping and tools we would need for the plumbing. Since we had a two drain sink before there was some work they had to do with the pipes to get it to just work with the one drain/garbage disposal. The night before I got everything cleared out from under the sink so things would be ready to go. You can see what our old sink looked like below.

Brian also had broke loose the seal on the sink the night before so Saturday they were able to pull it out easier. Once they got working they of course ran into a few hiccups. The hole in the counter had to be cut a bit bigger and Brian had to run to the hardware store a few times for a few extra pieces. But overall things went pretty smoothly. Grandpa Rick even had the cutest little helper! Ella was holding his cell phone flashlight so he could see where to drill some holes.

Once everything was all put back together as far as plumbing and the garbage disposal, the sink was in and ready to be sealed into place. We love how it turned out! The bigger sink is so nice for when you need to wash larger pans like cookie sheets. There is so much more room!

After standing back and admiring the beautiful new sink I realized I now have another DIY project to do. Our cabinets just do not look as nice, at least I don’t think so, with that nice new sink. So I’m hoping by this coming spring I will have the time and motivation to get them painted. I’m thinking of doing a cream color.

What do you guys think? Paint the cabinets or leave them? What color would you do? What do you think of the new sink?

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  1. Looks great! Someday we will get around to remodeling our kitchen… it’s something we’ve wanted to do for a long time but something else always seems to take priority!

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