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The Cutest Diaper Bag Sewing Project

By: Amanda Magnus

Back in May when I was in the Twin Cities for Andrew and Kristen’s Bachelor/Bachelorette parties, a friend texted me asking if my mom and I could do a sewing project for her daughter. My mom is experienced in this area and I can sew if I have her help and direction. So, I asked for what the project was to see if it was something we could do. You guys…it was the cutest diaper bag and accessories to make for a little kid to use with a baby doll! Of course, I wanted to make one for Ella and I asked Kristen and she wanted to make one for Maddie too! We planned a sewing day and everything turned out pretty awesome if you ask me! 🙂

Okay, I got a bit ahead of myself. Before we planned the sewing day we had to go and pick out fabric. This is the fun part for me. There are so many colors and patterns to choose from! But it can also be hard to decide what exactly you want and try to envision it all coming together. We met up at JOANN Fabrics and got everything we needed. My friend Sarah had gotten her material earlier and gave it to me already.

Then we had the sewing day planned out. We originally thought it would take an entire weekend but we proved to be pretty speedy and got it all done in a day! We had a pretty good system down of cutting, ironing and sewing. So that helped things move along.

Material cut and laid out.
Starting to sew pieces together. This was the inside pocket.

We started with the diaper bag itself and getting those completed. The tutorial made it pretty easy and the whole thing came together pretty quick right before our eyes! This is also one of the most satisfying parts of sewing projects is seeing it all come together and ultimately loving it!

Busy sewing!
One diaper bag done!
All three diaper bags complete!

Once we had the diaper bags done we couldn’t resist making the cute little accessories for the diaper bag. I mean you can’t have a diaper bag without diapers, wipes and a changing pad right?!

Sarah’s diaper bag!
Kristen’s diaper bag!
Amanda’s diaper bag!

The diaper bags ended up being a hit with all three girls! We agreed we wouldn’t mind doing something like this again! If you’re interested in making your own diaper bag and accessories you can find the tutorial here.

Maddie loving her new diaper bag!

Do you enjoy sewing? Which diaper bag is your favorite?

1 thought on “The Cutest Diaper Bag Sewing Project”

  1. They turned out great… so cute! Maddie just loves hers… perfect timing too. She got it for her birthday, the same week her baby ‘brudder’ came home so now she can change her baby right beside Momma while she changes the real live baby! ☺

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