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Our New Nephew, Dane Christopher!

By: Kristen Darkow


I think I speak for both Andrew and myself when I say that being an aunt and uncle is our favorite title. If you remember our wedding photos, we had the two cutest little Flower Girls and the most adorable tiny Ring Bearer. My sister-in-law (Maid of Honor) was 6 months pregnant at the wedding, so we had an honorary little Ring Bearer there also. 🙂

And guess what? This weekend, he was born! Welcome to the world, Dane Christopher Finstad! Because I love my nieces and nephews to pieces, I couldn’t get down to Illinois fast enough upon hearing the news of his arrival. Andrew was working this weekend, so he unfortunately hasn’t met him yet, but looks forward to meeting him this coming weekend! So today, I’m being an obsessed auntie and sharing with you all of the new nephew photos. And who doesn’t love looking at cute baby photos? So, here you go! Enjoy!


My parents took off of work on Friday, so they got to go meet him right away. These are the pictures I was receiving while I was at work…talk about torture to not be there! Ha!

Once I got off work, I headed right down to Illinois to hang out with my niece, Maddie. She was so excited to be a new big sister! She was a little bummed they didn’t name him Bartleby, but told me she also likes the name Dane. We played with her toys, painted nails, braided hair, and watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Talk about a perfect Friday night! 🙂 I then got to have a slumber party with her in her new big girl bedroom – I slept on her trundle bed! We talked and read books. It was the best!

Then, the next day, we got to go see Dane! Maddie loved him instantly. 🙂


…so did I. 🙂


Look at that handsome face and the cute little dimple. 🙂 Goodness, I just love him already! Can’t wait to spend more time with him and see that personality start to come out. He is one lucky guy to have such cool parents and an awesome big sister! I hope he knows how much he is loved!



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