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Our Bedroom Makeover: Dark & Enclosed to Light & Airy

By: Kristen Darkow


Ahhh, it’s officially September and Labor Day has come and gone. While I’m sure the majority of people had a very relaxing Labor Day weekend, or at least spent it outside in the beautiful weather, Andrew and I decided to use the long weekend to re-do our bedroom. After taking on this project, we sure were glad that we dedicated a 3-day weekend to it, otherwise we surely wouldn’t have finished it!

Our bedroom is not very big, so we’ve had to get creative with maximizing our space and trying to make the room look larger. The room was previously painted navy blue…it looked pretty, but I think it closed the room in and made it feel smaller. So our goal this weekend was to make the room feel larger, light, and airy.

While this has been on our to-do list for awhile, we kind of wound up doing it this weekend accidentally. This week, the light in our bedroom went out. The ceiling fan still worked, but not the light (and a new light bulb didn’t fix it). We had no idea where to begin in solving this other than to just buy a new ceiling fan/light fixture. So, we did just that. And it was a slippery slope. We’re replacing the ceiling fan? Well, we might as well paint. And put on a new comforter. And new curtains. And rearrange the room. Right?

So, first, here’s our ceiling fan transformation:

Nice, right?? Andrew did a great job staying patient and figuring out the wiring. 🙂

Like I said, we ended up painting too. We wanted a mix of tan and gray, and wound up with Dutch Boy shade “Snuggled”.

And here’s how the paint color turned out! We love it.

So now it was time to start moving everything back into the room and decorating. We took this opportunity to rearrange, and I really like the new configuration! Here’s the before:


And here are some afters:


And there we have it! I love the way it turned out – the room feels so much bigger and brighter to me.

What are some of your tips and tricks for redoing a room? Share with us in the comments below!

2 thoughts on “Our Bedroom Makeover: Dark & Enclosed to Light & Airy”

  1. Is that our car out front in the ‘before’ picture? Looks nice! Retrofitting/replacing things always opens a can of worms, especially when it involves electical or plumbing!

    1. Yes it is! We forgot to take a “before” picture this weekend, so I went back and found the one I’d taken after I moved in!

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