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Family Picture Time

By: Amanda Magnus

When you hear the term “family pictures” do you get excited or cringe at the thought? I don’t think I’ve ever minded family photos. And now since having kids I do enjoy getting them done so we have posed pictures of the kids as they grow. Unfortunately though my kids do not make getting pictures easy. You really have to work for it. Porter isn’t too bad, but Ella went through a phase where she would scream and cry if anyone tried taking her pictures. She has since gotten better thankfully but she still doesn’t love getting pictures done.

The weekend before last we all got together to have a big family picture done with my parents, Andrew, Kristen, Brian, the kids and I. We went out to Lapham Peak and had our good friends Brooke and Sam take some family pictures for us! Sam does a great job taking the pictures and getting us all organized and then Brooke works her magic with the editing!

We started out at our house and got an indoor shot of all of us in front of the fireplace.

Then we moved to Lapham peak where we got some big family pictures and then my parents and Andrew and Kristen and Storm got some good shots of just them. Surprise, surprise the kids didn’t cooperate for Brian and I to get a family picture. 🙂

After we had some good shots we had some fun and let the kids run around. Throwing Ella was probably the funnest pictures Sam captured!

And then out of all of those wonderful pictures Sam captured this gem! Hopefully this gives you as good of a laugh as it gave all of us! Ella’s eyes are priceless!


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  1. Great photos! It’s always nice to have family photos, and those years go by so fast! Unfortunately we have very few of my family growing up, other than the few that were taken for our church directory.

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