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First Day of School Signs!

By: Amanda Magnus

Can you believe it’s that time of year again? Yes, I’m talking about back to school! This summer flew by and here we are with the start of school right around the corner. Some of you are pros at this but for me this is Ella’s first year starting school. So it will be a whole new experience for all of us. We are mostly just excited though. I think she is going to love it and really enjoy getting to make new friends.

With the first day of school comes all of the fun first day of school pictures. The past few years it’s become popular to have your kids hold a sign indicating what grade they are going into. Sometimes they have more on them as well. So, I decided Ella should have a sign too and I wanted to make one she could use over again each year.

I found the chalkboard signs at Walmart and started to design my board. I had offered to make them for a few friends as well so I had fun making all of them! I used my Cricut to design and cut the vinyl. Once it was applied they were ready to go. They will work great to write on with chalkboard markers. They can then be erased and re-used for next year!

Here are a few I made for friends! (I covered the last names for the picture)

I’ll be sure to post a picture of Ella’s all filled out when she has her first day so stay tuned for that! Do you have a sign for your kids on their first day of school?

Ella’s sign ready to go for her first day!

2 thoughts on “First Day of School Signs!”

  1. No, but I wish we had! We have all the pictures, and now, looking back it’s hard to remember what year of school some of them are! The signs are a great idea!

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