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Our Day at the Wisconsin State Fair

By: Amanda Magnus

We have made it a tradition to go to the Wisconsin State Fair the first Saturday that it opens. We have done this for the past 3 years. Each year has been different since our kids have grown more and been able to participate more in the fair activities. From fair food, to rides and games, to the animals, there is always something to check out at the fair.

We started out by going through all of the animal exhibits and letting the kids see the cows, pigs, sheep, goats, and little chicks. They had fun! Ella even got to have her first pony ride. We weren’t sure if she would love it or hate it but as you can see from the picture below she loved it!

My dad and Ella taking a picture!

Next, we went to go find some rides and games to play. Ella is pretty short so we weren’t sure how many she would be able to do but she hit 36″ and was able to do quite a few this year! She absolutely loves rides, especially anything fast, so she was excited to get to go on as many as she could! Porter did get one ride which was the carousel.

Brian and Porter on the carousel.

Next we went to find some games to win prizes. Porter wasn’t able to do any rides so this was at least something he could kind of do. He basically watched Ella and then picked out a prize for himself. He kept yelling “ball” so of course he picked out a big colorful ball for himself. Ella unfortunately picked out an obnoxious trumpet toy. And I’m not exaggerating since people passing by offered to take it and dispose of it for us. 🙂

Porter did have fun riding on Dad’s shoulders!

Finally, we headed to the expo building to see what vendors were set up in there. My dad found a new hummingbird bird feeder but other than that we didn’t get anything. This year we also didn’t try out much fair food. It was warm and Porter had fallen asleep by this point. But, the Wisconsin State Fair is known for the very large cream puffs. Below is a picture from last year when we all went and were enjoying our cream puffs!

Do you make it to your state fair? What is your favorite part? What is your state fair known for?

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