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Our Favorite Games to Play

By: Amanda Magnus

Traditional or non-traditional card games – our family is up for either! We grew up playing some traditional card games with my grandparents and then every Easter we would play some non-traditional games with my Aunt Deb and Uncle John. Games are always fun and a great family activity!

When it comes to card games, some of my favorites are Skip-Bo, Canasta, Phase 10 and Golf. Skip-Bo and Canasta can both be team games as well. Phase 10 can get to be long since there are 10 phases to get through. My family knows I don’t care about winning…I just want to get to phase 7 which is colors and then I’ll be happy! Cribbage is another card game I’ve played but if I have the choice I’ll usually pick one of the previously mentioned games.

Now for other non-traditional card games, there is such a wide variety it can be hard to pick one and know for sure if you’ve found a good one or not. Thankfully Andrew and Kristen have some sort of sixth sense about games and seem to always find the best ones! Target is their go to shopping location to find the best games!

Telestrations After Dark is one of the first games I remember Andrew and Kristen finding to play. This one is similar to the game of telephone but with drawing. Everyone has a card with a word on it and they then have to draw the picture on their drawing pad. This pad gets passed around the group and the next person then writes down a guess and the next person then has to draw the last persons guess. This continues until the drawing pad reaches the original owner and you see what you end up with. It can get pretty hilarious! And it’s best for adults with the nature of the cards. 🙂

You’ve Got Crabs is a fun team game. You go ‘fishing’ for crabs and you have to collect three of a kind. You then have to have a secret way of telling your partner that you have three of a kind without anyone else catching on. The trick is you can’t kick them from across the table or say anything. It’s definitely tricky and Andrew and Kristen have this game mastered!

Exploding Kittens, I know the name is a bit misleading but I promise it’s a fun game and no kittens were harmed in the making or playing of this game. The makers of this game also created the game You’ve Got Crabs. You basically use the cards in your hand to avoid any exploding kitten cards in order to not blow up and stay in the game. There are a lot of expansion packs for this game too so you can keep adding different cards to keep things interesting.

Do you play games with your family? What are your favorites? We are always looking for new games to play so let us know which ones you think we should check out!

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