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Our Wedding Day – A Recap in Photos

By: Kristen Darkow


If you’re not already sick of hearing about our wedding, then today I have for you a recap of the weekend with a bajillion photos! Some of them are taken by family and friends on their cell phones, but most of them were taken by our wonderful photographer, Wendy Jo Stocker Photography. I’ll have an entire blog post in a couple weeks with all of the vendors we used, so more to come on that later! But for now, enjoy the photos and relive our wedding weekend with us. 🙂

On Friday, May 31, we had our wedding rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. We grabbed this family selfie at dinner at Belle Vinez Winery. Funny story – the most “disastrous” thing that happened all weekend happened on this night. Andrew and I were already running a little bit later than we’d like to our wedding rehearsal – we wanted to be the first ones there to greet all our friends as they arrived. As we were getting in the car to leave for the rehearsal, Andrew’s coffee kind of spilled all over the car, all over his dress pants, and on my white jacket. We sprinted back into the hotel to start scrubbing his pants and my jacket and ultimately decided “that’ll do” and showed up last to our own rehearsal with coffee-stained clothes. 🙂 Looking back, it’s pretty funny and the worst thing that happened the whole weekend, so I’ll take it!

We enjoyed our woodfired pizza at Belle Vinez, and I got to chat with our niece, Maddie, and…

…niece and nephew Ella and Porter!

The best part of this day for me was seeing Maddie, Ella and Porter all get along so well! The little girls are close to the same age and same size, and they hit it off right away just giggling and tickling and chasing. 🙂 Here, Maddie is petting Porters head and saying “He’s a cutie!!!!”

We enjoyed getting to catch up with friends and family from both sides, sipping wine and eating pizza, and watching a slideshow that my dad made and did a wonderful job on (viewable here if you’re interested!). Then, we called it a night to get our beauty sleep and prepare for a pretty big day on Saturday. 🙂

In typical fashion, the boys went golfing at 7am while the girls started getting ready at 7am. We enjoyed egg bake, quiche, fruit and mimosas at my parents’ house while everyone took turns getting their hair and makeup done.

The little ones did so well!

We were all ready by noon, so we headed over to the church to get dressed and take photos.

By the time I got there, Ella was already dressed and posing for the photographers. 🙂 Isn’t this such a great shot?!

Having a few laughs with friends before putting the dress on.

Andrew got in his pre-wedding snuggles with Porter and Ella!

Once we were all dressed, it was time for group photos. It was a beautiful day, so we headed outside! Andrew and I weren’t seeing each other until the ceremony, though, so we had to be strategic about just one group going out for photos at a time.

I was lucky enough to have the flower girls and ring bearer outside for pictures with me, and got a few great shots. I’m not sure if you’re ready for this next one…are you? I think it’s a winner of the day. Here it comes…





Porter!! He was just a stunner all day long, and without hesitation, he just got up on his tippy toes and planted one on me for this picture. 🙂 Can’t wait to embarrass him with this when he’s 18.

So, neither Andrew or I are big on public speaking, especially when there’s a chance we might cry during said speech. So, instead of reading vows out loud during our ceremony, we just wrote each other wedding day letters and read them alone before the ceremony. Here are a few photos from those moments.

…and then, it was game time. Insert jitters here.


It was such a beautiful ceremony, and I’m so pleasantly surprised that I remember any of it and didn’t just black out out of nervousness! 😉 After the ceremony, we went right back in to usher everyone out…

Our marriage license was signed…

…and then everyone waited for us outside the church with ribbon wands!

It was the best little send-off! We took some family photos outside…

…and then the bridal party boarded our trolley to the reception venue!

We made a stop at the Swinging Bridge in River Falls for group photos.

…and then a stop at my parents’ house for a couple photos!

Then we arrived at our reception venue and Andrew and I boarded a golf cart to take photos of just the two of us out on the golf course.

Here are a few of our favorites:

We even stopped to hit a shot on the golf course! This may have been Andrew’s favorite part of the day. 😉

Now it was time to head into the reception!

Everyone in our bridal party had great entrances!

We enjoyed some amazing food – champagne chicken, maple bacon glazed pork, bacon carbonara pasta, summer vegetables, wedding cake and mini cheesecakes.

And then, I’m convinced, we had the very best speech-givers! They were all fantastic!

Then, it was time to party! We started with our first dance, and then father-daughter, and then mother-son.

Tears were shed. 🙂 But then it was party time!

And that’s a wrap! The day went so incredibly fast, just like everyone says it will. But everything was perfect. The weather was amazing – sunny, not too hot, not too cold. We were surrounded by everyone who means the most to us. And we got married! It doesn’t get much better than that. I hope that if you were there, you were able to relive the day with us through these photos. And if you weren’t there, I hope that it feels like you were after reading this novel of a recap! 😉

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  1. Such an awesome day! There are a few pics here that I hadn’t seen. Everything was amazing, but like you said, it just went by too fast! We love you both and couldn’t be happier for you two!

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