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Our First Time Strawberry Picking

By: Amanda Magnus

This past week the kids and I had our first strawberry picking experience! We go through a lot of strawberries in our house, so of course going and picking our own was a great idea! I had never been strawberry picking before but had wanted to go for the past few years. It just never seemed to work out with our schedule. So, when our friends Helen and Brooke asked if we wanted to go, I said “Of course!”

I was a bit nervous how it would go with both kids but it all went so smoothly since the place we went was so organized. We went to Jelli’s Market in Helenville, WI. They give you a box to use, drive you out to the field, show you where to start picking and then once you are done they bring you back so you can purchase your strawberries!

I was surprised how quickly we filled up our boxes. And the kids even did a great job and helped pick some. I think they probably ate more than they put in the boxes but they had a fun time.

Once we got home I had to figure out what to do with all of the strawberries before they went bad. I saved some for the kids to eat and then I made four different recipes I thought looked good. And every recipe turned out delicious!

I made strawberry muffins first. The recipe calls for white whole wheat flour but I didn’t have that so I used half white flour and half regular whole wheat flour and they turned out great. You can check out the recipe here.

Next I made this strawberry bread with the strawberry glaze. This turned out SO good! I would highly recommend making this sometime. Check out the recipe here.

The third recipe I made was one that my husband found. He enjoys a good coffee cake so he found this recipe for a strawberry coffee cake. Yum!

Finally, I made these strawberry crumble bars! They were so simple I almost thought it was too simple and wouldn’t turn out. But in the end they turned out perfect and were so delicious! You can find that recipe here.

The Strawberry Crumble Bars are in the top left corner.

Have you ever been strawberry picking? Where is your favorite place to go? What are your favorite things to do with your fresh strawberries?

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