The Best Items on Etsy for a Bride-to-Be!

By: Kristen Darkow


Everybody loves Etsy, am I right? Cute, homemade and personalized items, all while supporting small, home-based businesses. I’ve always been a fan, but over the past year while Andrew and I were engaged, Etsy was my lifesaver. A good chunk of our wedding decorations, bridal party gifts, etc. were all from Etsy. And today, I’m sharing those purchases with all of you in case you know any brides who could benefit! Happy shopping!


Wedding Dress Hanger
My parents got this for me as a gift, but I knew which Etsy shop they used because I had purchased it for my sister-in-law when she married my brother! It’s so cute and so well-made, and I think every bride can use a beautiful hanger for her wedding dress! Find it at AllegroArt on Etsy.


Wedding Cake Topper

Our cake toppers were one of my very favorite things about our wedding, honestly. We discovered Hellominime on Etsy and fell in love with their customized bobble head cake toppers – we had to have it! They match every detail – your eye color, hair color, buttons down the back of my dress, markings on Storm’s face, etc. They send you images after every step so you can give feedback and changes, and then when it’s finished, it ships in, like, 5 days! So reasonably priced too. Once we saw how awesome our cake topper was, we had to order one for my brother too – he shared his birthday with our wedding day, so we had a birthday cake for him. His turned out amazing too! I definitely recommend.


Custom-made Flower Girl Dresses

I was discouraged when I started flower girl dress shopping, because I had a very specific look in mind and wasn’t having any luck finding it. We were lucky enough to have two adorable little flower girls, and I knew that I wanted their dresses to match mine. My favorite things about my dress were the satin fabric and the buttons down the back. Once I found MimiBoutiqueDresses on Etsy, I knew I had found the one! She can custom make the dresses however you want it, so I asked if she could add buttons to the back of the dress, and she did it perfectly! She also looked at photos of my wedding dress to match the color perfectly. The custom sizes were based on measurements we provided, and the dresses fit the girls great! She can make a variety of dresses, so check out her shop!


Bridesmaids EarringsIt’s so tough to think of the perfect gift for your bridal party, but what girl can’t use a pair of earrings, right? I wanted to find earrings that the girls could wear beyond our wedding day – so something formal enough for the wedding, but casual enough for a night out or a day at the office. PetalPerceptions on Etsy really delivered with these gemstone and pearl earrings! They even came packaged so cute in little boxes with a ribbon. The pearl comes in a variety of colors, and they have many other pieces of jewelry as well, so definitely stop by their Etsy shop!


Bridal Updo Hairpiece
My wedding dress was pretty simple, so I was able to add some sparkle through my jewelry, veil, and hair piece. I spent a lot of time looking for just the right hair piece for me, and ultimately found it at the BridalStar Etsy shop! This piece shipped super quickly from the Ireland-based shop, and it was even more beautiful in person. Its a flexible wire material, so we were able to easily shape it around my bun, and it stayed in all day long! My look wouldn’t have been complete without it!


Flower Girl Bracelets

Since we got our bridal party gifts, we couldn’t forget the little flower girls! We found these cute customizable bracelets at PricillaCrafts and had to get them! They had beads that spelled their names, and a charm that said “Flower Girl”. We were even able to provide a little customized message that PricillaCrafts put on the inside of the bracelet box. Can you tell the girls loved them? 🙂


Mother-in-Law Handkerchief
How do you find a meaningful gift for someone who has done so much for you? Our moms are such an important part of our lives, and nothing we give them can thank them enough. But we tried our best to find something meaningful that they can cherish forever, and thanks to elegantmonogramming on Etsy, we did just that! We were able to customize the handkerchiefs with our own poems, and we even chose the embroidery colors and types of flowers to match each of our moms’ favorites. 🙂 We also made them little jewelry boxes with a photo framed inside, but I didn’t get a photo of those before we gifted them!


Toss Garter

I was lucky enough to have my wedding dress seamstress make my garter out of my dress, my mom’s wedding dress, and both of my grandma’s wedding dresses. Because it was so sentimental, there was no way I was tossing that one and giving it away. 🙂 So, thanks to lovelikestyle on Etsy, I was able to find a pretty little toss garter for a very reasonable price! Here’s a little video of Andrew removing it with no hands. 🙈


Father-in-Law Gift from Bride
Just like for our moms, we didn’t know what to get for someone who has done so much. We both love our dads and each other’s dads so much, and wanted something meaningful. I found this frame on EightSeasonsDesigne on Etsy, and I was able to customize it to say “To my Father-in-Law, Thank you for raising my greatest catch.” with a graphic of a fishing pole – Andrew’s dad was there last summer for my first time fishing, so it seemed fitting. 🙂 The maker of this frame was even nice enough to print a photo of Andrew and his dad from when Andrew was little and put it in the frame.


Father-in-Law Gift from Groom
Andrew also got my dad a frame, but this one was from WeddingFramesByDiane on Etsy. He put in a photo of my dad and me on the golf course when I was 5. This frame was also customizable, and Andrew had it say “To My Father In Law – You raised her from a little girl, you read her stories and played with toys; you’ve given her counsel through the years, and when you needed to wiped her tears. I want to thank you as today she will be my wife, and I promise to love her all of my life. I know in my heart it is you whom I will never be able to repay, for this wonderful woman that I wed today!”


Groom Gift from Bride
Andrew and I flipped back and forth on whether to get each other gifts on our wedding day…after all, we get each other out of the deal, right? All I really wanted/needed was a nice letter. 🙂 But ultimately, we decided to get each other one small and sentimental thing, so I found CadesandBirch on Etsy and had them custom make this wood photo album – how cool is that?! I just filled it with polaroid photos from the past few years, but we could definitely replace the photos with our wedding day photos!


Groom Card from Bride
I needed the perfect card to go along with Andrew’s wedding gift, and this one from WarwickSunday on Etsy did the trick! Our wedding day letters to each other will be treasured for many years, so finding the right card was key!


Phew…I think that’s it! Clearly, I had a lot of fun with Etsy over the past several months. I hope that you or some brides you know are able to get some use out of this list and support these small business that do such a great job with their respective crafts! What are your favorite Etsy shops? Share your shameless plugs  in the comments below!

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  1. All of these items provided the perfect “icing on the cake” for what was already such a personal and special day all around!

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