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DIY Patio Furniture on a Budget

By: Amanda Magnus

One of my favorite things to do is to enjoy a nice evening out on a patio with a fire. And if there’s a fire I’m probably making myself some S’mores as well. 🙂 Creating a relaxing patio is not always easy, especially if you are on a budget. If you’ve ever searched for patio furniture it can be quite expensive.

So, when we bought our house I knew I wanted patio furniture with a fire pit but quickly realized that was not going to be in our budget. So I started searching for alternatives. I looked on some for sale sites to buy used but wasn’t finding what we wanted. Then, I searched on Pinterest for some DIY ideas. After looking at some pictures of ideas I had my husband, Brian, help me come up with a plan to make my vision a reality.

The fire pit was the first thing we made. Brian came up with that all on his own. He got the bricks from Menards and stacked them into the size and shape he needed for the insert to fit. We got lucky with not needing to buy an insert since his parents were getting rid of theirs anyways.

Our fire pit complete with ash from a recent fire!

Next was the furniture itself. We built it completely out of cement blocks and 4×4’s. First we set up the cement blocks to make sure they were spaced correctly and set up how we needed. Once they were in the correct spots Brian used cement glue to glue the sets of cement blocks together so they won’t tip over when in use.

You can see the cement glue along the two cement blocks that make an L shape.
Furniture with just the cement blocks and boards slid through the holes.

Next we slid the 4×4’s through the spaces in the cement blocks. This makes the seat and the backs of the furniture.

Finally all that was left was to find some cushions. The cushions were honestly the most expensive part. I went with thick cushions to make sure they would be comfy. I waited until Kohl’s had a sale on them so I could get the best deal.

The whole patio set up complete!

We leave the cushions out when we are using the furniture but it’s also super easy to put them away if there’s going to be rain. We use the below storage bin from Sam’s Club to store them. It keeps them safe from any rain and snow throughout the year.

Storage bin from Sam’s Club.

Have you ever built your own patio furniture or fire pit? What did you use?

2 thoughts on “DIY Patio Furniture on a Budget”

    1. Thanks! It works great and is easily disassembled for the winter too. We just put cushions away and Brian puts the wood in the garage. You wouldn’t have too but I think it will make it last longer that way. Let me know if you end up designing your own patio furniture!

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