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Must Try Summer Drinks

By: Amanda Magnus

Now that the warmer weather is here there is more opportunity to grill out, have fires and just enjoy being outside. I don’t know about you, but it’s nice to enjoy an ice cold beverage on those warm days.

I have a wide range of drinks that I enjoy, depending on what my mood is. If we are grilling out I’ll usually opt for a beer or even an iced tea. My beer of choice right now is a Coconut Porter by City Lights Brewing Co. It’s dark and definitely has a coconut taste so if you aren’t a fan of either of those then this probably won’t be a favorite drink for you. I personally love dark beers and coconut so it’s a great combo for me! 🙂

If I’m not feeling like a beer though I really enjoy a good iced tea. Either a plain black iced tea or a flavored fruit iced tea. An easy way to make a flavored black iced tea is to add in some fresh or frozen fruit and let it sit overnight. Peaches and strawberries are two of my favorites!

Another favorite drink of mine is a margarita! We recently went to Chili’s with my husband’s family and ordered margaritas. Brian and I shared a strawberry margarita and it was delicious. I am now hooked! So much so that we went home and tried to recreate it. We actually got pretty close.

Here is what we did to recreate the strawberry margarita on the rocks.

In a blender add 6oz tequila, 2oz triple sec, 8oz frozen strawberries, 4oz frozen limeade concentrate and blend well. Pour into a shaker with ice and shake everything together. Pour in a large glass and enjoy! You can add a sugar or salt rim to your glass as well.

What are your favorite drinks on hot summer days? Do you like to switch it up or stick with just one go to drink?


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