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20 Questions: Wedding Edition

By: Kristen Finstad


Well, it’s my first blog post as a married woman! After 11 months of all things wedding planning, Andrew and I got married on Saturday and it was perfect. The weather was perfect, the ceremony was beautiful and the reception was a blast. It’s hard to believe it’s all over, but I’m sure we’ll be on a post-wedding high for awhile yet. 🙂

To reflect on the whole wedding planning process, today I’m going to share with you a wedding diary that I was gifted at the beginning of our engagement. It can all be such a blur, and I’m sure that years down the road I won’t have a clue what any of our wedding day decisions were or why…so this book was a great way to write down everything from our venue choices and cake flavors to dating stories and current stresses…and everything in between. So, here’s a little peek into our wedding diary:


On our first official date…

What I wore: Jean capris, white & blue striped shirt, sandals

What we did: We met at a Madison Mallards game after work and football practice on Friday, Aug. 5, 2016. I have no idea who they played or who won because I was lost in his eyes. 😉

Things we talked about: Our jobs, our families, our grandparents, our faith, politics, tennis, The Bachelor, the fact that Andrew’s birthday is on Flag Day. 🙂

I felt like we were definitely hitting it off when: We pretty much established within the first half hour that our values aligned, plus it just felt comfortable and no awkward silences – I’m sure that’s when we felt we were hitting it off.

My first impression of him: Cute face, cute dog, good spelling and grammar, is taking this seriously, mature

His first impression of me: She was well-spoken, mature, and seemed to like my sense of humor. I knew I wanted to continue to learn more and spend more time with her.


How he proposed…

We were in my hometown for River Falls Days and we went golfing on Friday, July 13 at RF Golf Club. We played the first nine holes as a fivesome (me, Andrew, my dad, and my two brothers) and then Mom and Grandpa joined us for the back nine. Joel, Mark and Andrew were a threesome and me, Dad, Grandpa and Mom were in the group behind them. Andrew started leaving photos in the cups, so I pretty much knew at that point that it was happening. 🙂 When I got to the 18th green, Joel, Mark, Bridgett, Maddie and Andrew were all there waiting. I putted and Andrew asked if I noticed the flag – it said “marry me?” and Andrew got on a knee and asked…then tore off the tape to reveal “She said yes!” written on the flag.

Who we called right away:
We FaceTimed Andrew’s parents and then Amanda and Brian. I called Molly, and we both texted our closest friends and family. In the morning, Andrew called his grandparents.

Memorable reactions to our big news:
I think everyone was just very excited and not very surprised. 🙂


A few words about my engagement ring…

We went to look at rings in March so that Andrew could get an idea of what I liked. I wanted something more simple and dainty – no huge halo and not too gaudy. We picked out 3 of my favorites and Andrew went back a couple months later to get one. He did great – I love it.


When it comes to our wedding day, this is what’s super important to us…

That when it’s all over, we’re married. Most important thing. Other than that, we want to be surrounded by our closest family and friends and include them in any way we can. It’s important to me that the ceremony be at my church. It’s important that it’s a day full of things we love, but most importantly, that we focus on a lifetime of being married and not just the wedding day.


Our Wedding Menu…

Caesar Salad
Champagne Chicken
Bourbon & Maple Bacon Glazed Pork
Bacon Carbonara Pasta
Spring/Summer Blend Veggies

…that’s all for now! The book features quite a few more questions, but I haven’t gotten around to answering them yet. It’s been a crazy few months. 🙂 We will share more details and photos of the wedding in the coming weeks, but later this week we are off to our honeymoon so I’ll be taking a bit of a break from blog world. Amanda has some great content coming for you, so stay tuned! Happy June!

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  1. We are so pleased at how everything went. (The angels bestowed great weather upon us the morning after a big ‘thunderboomer’ to remind us that they’re up there watching!) Everything and everyone was awesome, and I wouldn’t change a thing, except to make it last longer! I wish we could have gotten around to every table at the reception to make sure we met everyone personally, but the night just went by too fast! Certainly an amazing weekend to remember!

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