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What T.V. Shows My Kids Watch and Why

By: Amanda Magnus

When it comes to television, it’s something I definitely try to limit when it comes to my kids. A great alternative I’ve found to having a show on is to just have music playing. But there are times when music isn’t going to cut it and there are things I need to get done. In order to get things accomplished, sometimes I need the kids occupied and happy for a small amount of time.

Sure, there are plenty of cartoons they would watch. Specifically they love Disney, but we have found some other great shows on other networks as well. For the sake of having the television time still be productive I try to find shows that are somewhat educational for them while still being entertaining.

  1. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse – This one was the first show Ella loved when she was little and it even taught her her first shape! Mickey Mouse Clubhouse not only was teaching Ella things, but the Hot Dog song at the end was our saving grace at times when she was upset on a long car ride. We just played it on repeat and she was as content as could be! Porter also learned to love Mickey Mouse Clubhouse early on!
  2. Little Einsteins – This show Ella got into it fairly quickly. They play classical music as a part of the episodes and they have activities they ask the kids to do along with the show. This helps to keep them engaged while learning to follow directions.
  3. Super Why – This is a great show to start teaching kids letters and early reading skills. The episodes consist of a mystery that has to be solved by finding letters to spell out the answer.
  4. Blippi – Unlike the previous shows, this one is not animated. Blippi is a regular guy that puts together YouTube episodes of him going to different places like children’s museums, race tracks, and parks just to name a few. He is full of energy and acts silly to keep the kids engaged, while still teaching them throughout the show. I was skeptical when I was first told about Blippi, but he was a quick hit with my kids and now they love watching Blippi episodes!

Those are our favorite educational kids shows right now. Do you have kids that watch any of these? What other education kids shows have you found?

4 thoughts on “What T.V. Shows My Kids Watch and Why”

  1. Maddie loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, but it was recently replaced by Daniel Tiger as her favorite!

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