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Final Reveal of the Living Room Makeover

By: Amanda Magnus

Well this has been a long awaited post. At least it has been for me! You may remember I posted a sneak peak of our living room makeover awhile ago and promised to post again once it was complete. If you missed the first post you can check it out here. Well let me tell you, makeovers for your home definitely take time. It is not easy finding the perfect pieces to fit into your new space. And I’m still missing a few pieces but I’m hopeful the right ones will come along soon!

So, without further ado here is the final reveal, minus a few pieces I’m still on the hunt for! 🙂 The biggest transformation of the whole room was definitely the fireplace wall. I love the fireplace but the stone shelves that were put on it instead of a mantle I did not like at all. I feel like it just made it look dated and it was not functional at all for decor. Thankfully I have a very handy father-in-law and husband and they were able to make the fireplace look amazing by getting rid of the stone shelves and adding a mantle.

Before – Notice the shelves and the wall paint.
After – So much better!

The other big change in the room was paint and furniture. I guess it was all a big change now that I think about it! I figured if we were going to re-do the room I wanted to just do all of it and do it right. And when I say do it right I mean with the help of someone who knows what they are doing! I had won a free interior design consult from Emily with Natural Nifty. She was amazing to work with and this room would not have turned out if it weren’t for her help!

The living room before.
The living room after!
The picture wall before.
The picture wall after! No longer a picture wall at all. 🙂
New couch, curtains, rug and ottoman!
Close up of the curtains.

As you can see the living room got a major face-lift. Everything looks so much more open, clutter free and just bright. I love having this room as a place I can enjoy spending time. Since I stay home with my kids this is where we are the majority of the day. Emily helped me find the pieces to complete this room from Hobby Lobby, Target and Home Goods.

The next area of this room was the front entryway. We got rid of the curtains on the windows and replaced them with blinds. This helped to open up the space more. We also got an entry way rug, table and bench.

Before: Looking toward the front entry and dining room. The chair by the front door was pushed over there and not usually left there. 🙂
The new blinds and a decorative wall piece from Home Goods.
Front entry complete except for needing to find two baskets for the cubby holes in the coat hanger piece.
Sofa table from Home Goods.

Well, I think that about covers the transformation! Have you done a room makeover? Where are you favorite places to shop for home decor and furniture?

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