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Kristen’s Bachelorette Party!

By: Amanda Magnus

As you probably saw from Kristen’s post earlier this week, we had her bachelorette party this past weekend! It was a busy weekend but so much fun. I mean who doesn’t like a reason to go hang out with some of your favorite people?!

For the bachelorette party we started off by having brunch at The Howe Daily Kitchen & Bar in Minneapolis, MN. The food was delicious! I got their loaded tots which I would highly recommend if you like tater tots. Everything else on their menu looked really good too, so it was not an easy choice!

While we were there, Kristen’s sister-in-law, Bridgett, filled up these koozies with candy for everyone. She made sure to include ring pops which was of course fitting for the occasion! The koozies were also Bridgett’s idea so I offered to make them for the guys and the girls. They were a hit and everyone loved them!

Front of the koozies. Golf themed since the guys were golfing and the wedding reception will be at a golf course. 🙂
The back of the koozies had everyone’s name on them.

I also made Kristen a “Bride” shirt to wear for the day. That way no one would questions who the beautiful bride-to-be was!

Front of her shirt.
The back of her shirt.

Next we went to a Wine and Cider house to have some drinks and play some games. It was nice to have some time to get to talk with everyone and get to know all of Kristen’s friends that I hadn’t met before.

Kristen with her wine and cider flight.
The bachelorette party!

After the Wine and Cider house we went to where the girls were staying to check in, play a game of Heads Up, and open presents before heading out for the night.

Even the moms got in on the fun!

We ended the night at Game Works in the Mall of America. We met the guys here after their day of golfing. This worked out great because the girls and guys in the wedding party were able to meet and get to know each other before the big day! Here we were able to bowl and play games for the rest of the night. We also had a buffet of food to enjoy! Everyone seemed to have a great time and it was a fun night.

Some of the girls at Game Works.

Have you been to a bachelor/bachelorette party? What was your favorite thing that you guys did?

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