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Gardening and What I’m Planting

By: Amanda Magnus

Well it’s springtime in Wisconsin even though it definitely hasn’t seemed like it with the snow we recently had. With spring comes planting season if you are a gardener. I wouldn’t consider myself a gardener but I do enjoy growing a few things each year. Although, my husband will be the first to tell you he has been the one doing the majority of the gardening the first few years. In his defense, he is right, however I was also pregnant and had awful morning sickness or had a baby to chase after. This year I’m finally ready to go all-in though!

So, what do I plant in our garden? Well it has varied from year to year. This year we are trying quite a few new things. Most things haven’t been planted yet since we need to wait for things to warm up a bit more yet. But I was able to plant Brussels sprouts already. I have never grown Brussels sprouts but they are starting to pop up so I must be doing it right!

Little sprouts of the Brussels sprouts we planted.

Next to the Brussels sprouts we will plant some cherry tomatoes. We’ve grown to really love using these in meals as well as on salads. I was never big on tomatoes and neither was Brian but these little guys are so good and have really grown on us!

The next thing we have been growing is strawberries. We love strawberries and buy so many throughout the year. I’m hoping our plant will grow us quite a few. We already picked our first one and it was delicious! Once the weather warms up, we will plant it outside to let it grow more freely.

Strawberry plant growing inside for now.
Our first strawberry!

Finally, in the planter box, we will do jalapeƱos, bell peppers, and banana peppers. I have grown the bell peppers and jalapeƱos before, so that won’t be anything new. I have not grown banana peppers before so we will see how that goes.

The raised planter box my uncle made!

Do you plant a garden? What do you grow each year? Tell us what your plan is for your garden.

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